Friday, November 11, 2005

Is David Finch Married to a Bond Transsexual?

Alexandre Grati asks David Finch marries transexual?
    i read this online today, "Caroline Cossey married Canadian comic book artist David Finch in 1992, and as of 2003, they were still married and living in Atlanta, GA, USA"

    For those of you who dont remember, Caroline Cossey was the transgendered bond girl with Roger Moore 007 film, "For your eyes only"

    I dont really care, but i was just wondering if it was the same david finch, who i deeply admire artistically, david finch. ultimate x-men, david finch.

    just wondering.

Judging from the responses, I don't think anyone really care who Finch is married to. Nor do they seem to care if the poster "dave finch" is actually David Finch or not. But they do seemed confused about the difference between a transsexual and a hermaphrodite.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Your Comic Book Girlfriend

Philosophical graduate or the hardest core geek online? theprimedreamer asks Comic Books Personified - What type of lover would it be?.
    So visualize this with me. Let's put what we like and hate about comic books and collecting comics, and the stories, the art, the cheesecake - all of it and stuff it into a person. And let's make comic books a person. And say this person was your significant other. What type of lover would Comic Book be? Would Comic Book be a lover of great passion that comes every so often and leaves you with burn marks? Or is Comic Book a lover that you know like the back of your hand?

    So what is it? What type of lover would Comic Book be?

Later, Moonbeam gets raunchy:
    He'd be incredibly creative in bed, wowing me with the variety of skills he demonstrates and responding to my desires by arousing in me an amazing number of climaxes and uncontrollable emotional reactions.

    But I'd only get it once a month. And he'd leave me hanging at the end of each session, wanting more.

    ... Until February, at which time I'd suddenly get it weekly.

Dangerous Beans makes an important point.
    PAPER CUTS!!!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Free Illicit Music Through Newsarama Members

After complaining about how bad Madonna's new album is before listening to it, Jesse Newcomb said this in response.

    You're right. I've been acting like an asswipe. I'll give the album a full listen to.

    And if anyone is interested to a Hung Up remix, I got access to one. Just give me a PM and I'll e-mail it to you.

Contact the asswipe in this thread to get your free Hung Up remix.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just Smurf It

In case you missed it, The Beat has the skinny on an interesting new Smurfs video from UNICEF.

While UNICEF is definitely a good cause, you do have to wonder about the use of the Smurfs in this one. I mean, they are so 1980s ... couldn't they have blown up Dragonball Z instead?

Just Doom It

Via Progressive Ruin, Dr. Doom's top ten euphemisms for sex. I think "Unleashing the Doombots" is my favorite.

The Incredible John Byrne

John Byrne comments on Incredibles:

…and it was pretty much everything I was afraid it would be. Some good characterizational moments, yes. Some fairly spectacular superheroics, to be sure. But an overall disdain for the genre that came thru in almost every scene. The impression was that there were two groups of people working on this movie -- one that liked superheroes (and had obviously read a lot of back issues of FANTASTIC FOUR*), and one that had no love for the concepts.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hey Gail, wanna read my fan fiction?

Not since the glory days of ManoftheAtom have creators feared message boards like they should after reading this thread:

Ever buddy-listed comix pros to see what they're up to? I do. For example...

we now know why Rob Liefeld is always late with his art: he's constantly surfing Newsarama on a daily basis.

Geoff Johns has replaced BENDIS as the most frequent writer to visit Nrama (though Peter David, Gail Simone and Kurt Busiek are all giving him a run for his money).

Marc Andreyko needs more titles to write (because he's here so much).

Artists are busier than writers; I see them online (save Liefeld ) much less than I do the writers.

Either BENDIS is really busy these days or he has me blocked from watching him anymore. (damn you, Bendis!! )

Dan Jolley, wherefore art thou anymore?

Ed Brubaker is slacking---Johns, Busiek, Simone and PAD have much higher post counts than him!!

Newsarama posters respond:


That's one creepy post, bud. People like you is why I choose the invisible option. What motivates a thread like this?

Only Howard Porter and Kurt Busiek have responded to me (I'm probably on Peter David's Ignore list ) so I doubt if any others would except Fabian Nicieza. He looks at my posts to get Deadpool's dialogue right. It's true.

Seriously now, there was a poster that used to come to Newsarama, and everytime she came to the boards, someone would keep PMing her, even if she didn't post. It can be pretty disturbing to have someone watch your movements like that.

The original poster responds as only a fan could... with Bruce Banner references:

I have my reasons. None of them involve trying to visit these people at their homes or trying to send them presents in the mail or anything of that nature. To lump me in with those people (instead of say, someone like Pascal for his obsession with PAD) is something I do take personally... so all of you taking that attitude need to find someone else to harrass. Because you don't wanna make me angry.

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. So take this thread as the tongue-in-cheek joke it's supposed to be... because if you take it too seriously, I'm going to take it too seriously.

And nobody likes it when I do. So don't.

Yes, veiled threats are always a good idea when trying to prove you aren't an insane stalker.

Sideshow Mel: Tell them they'll live to regret this.
Sideshow Bob: YOU'LL LIVE TO REGRET THIS ... oh thanks, now I look crazy.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bendis Wants A Barbie

An Ella Enchanted one to be specific.

And it's for his daughter.

Kinda cute.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Saluting the Troops

Over at Newsarama, President Kang has posted the cover and some interior art to Marvel's special New Avengers/Fantastic Four comic designed exclusively for the U.S. Military. Kang says:

Wow, this comic is shit. Even by Bendis standards. I think its so bad, troops in Iraq should send it back. If they're going to do an entire comic just for the military, you think half of it wouldn't involve characters standing around babbling about how to open a friggin door. Hell, you'd think for a comic meant for US servicemen that Bendis would put Captain America at the front. This comic doesn't inspire anything in the readers, save for boredom.