Monday, November 07, 2005

Your Comic Book Girlfriend

Philosophical graduate or the hardest core geek online? theprimedreamer asks Comic Books Personified - What type of lover would it be?.
    So visualize this with me. Let's put what we like and hate about comic books and collecting comics, and the stories, the art, the cheesecake - all of it and stuff it into a person. And let's make comic books a person. And say this person was your significant other. What type of lover would Comic Book be? Would Comic Book be a lover of great passion that comes every so often and leaves you with burn marks? Or is Comic Book a lover that you know like the back of your hand?

    So what is it? What type of lover would Comic Book be?

Later, Moonbeam gets raunchy:
    He'd be incredibly creative in bed, wowing me with the variety of skills he demonstrates and responding to my desires by arousing in me an amazing number of climaxes and uncontrollable emotional reactions.

    But I'd only get it once a month. And he'd leave me hanging at the end of each session, wanting more.

    ... Until February, at which time I'd suddenly get it weekly.

Dangerous Beans makes an important point.
    PAPER CUTS!!!!!!


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