Friday, October 28, 2005

Free Illicit Music Through Newsarama Members

After complaining about how bad Madonna's new album is before listening to it, Jesse Newcomb said this in response.

    You're right. I've been acting like an asswipe. I'll give the album a full listen to.

    And if anyone is interested to a Hung Up remix, I got access to one. Just give me a PM and I'll e-mail it to you.

Contact the asswipe in this thread to get your free Hung Up remix.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just Smurf It

In case you missed it, The Beat has the skinny on an interesting new Smurfs video from UNICEF.

While UNICEF is definitely a good cause, you do have to wonder about the use of the Smurfs in this one. I mean, they are so 1980s ... couldn't they have blown up Dragonball Z instead?

Just Doom It

Via Progressive Ruin, Dr. Doom's top ten euphemisms for sex. I think "Unleashing the Doombots" is my favorite.

The Incredible John Byrne

John Byrne comments on Incredibles:

…and it was pretty much everything I was afraid it would be. Some good characterizational moments, yes. Some fairly spectacular superheroics, to be sure. But an overall disdain for the genre that came thru in almost every scene. The impression was that there were two groups of people working on this movie -- one that liked superheroes (and had obviously read a lot of back issues of FANTASTIC FOUR*), and one that had no love for the concepts.