Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hey Gail, wanna read my fan fiction?

Not since the glory days of ManoftheAtom have creators feared message boards like they should after reading this thread:

Ever buddy-listed comix pros to see what they're up to? I do. For example...

we now know why Rob Liefeld is always late with his art: he's constantly surfing Newsarama on a daily basis.

Geoff Johns has replaced BENDIS as the most frequent writer to visit Nrama (though Peter David, Gail Simone and Kurt Busiek are all giving him a run for his money).

Marc Andreyko needs more titles to write (because he's here so much).

Artists are busier than writers; I see them online (save Liefeld ) much less than I do the writers.

Either BENDIS is really busy these days or he has me blocked from watching him anymore. (damn you, Bendis!! )

Dan Jolley, wherefore art thou anymore?

Ed Brubaker is slacking---Johns, Busiek, Simone and PAD have much higher post counts than him!!

Newsarama posters respond:


That's one creepy post, bud. People like you is why I choose the invisible option. What motivates a thread like this?

Only Howard Porter and Kurt Busiek have responded to me (I'm probably on Peter David's Ignore list ) so I doubt if any others would except Fabian Nicieza. He looks at my posts to get Deadpool's dialogue right. It's true.

Seriously now, there was a poster that used to come to Newsarama, and everytime she came to the boards, someone would keep PMing her, even if she didn't post. It can be pretty disturbing to have someone watch your movements like that.

The original poster responds as only a fan could... with Bruce Banner references:

I have my reasons. None of them involve trying to visit these people at their homes or trying to send them presents in the mail or anything of that nature. To lump me in with those people (instead of say, someone like Pascal for his obsession with PAD) is something I do take personally... so all of you taking that attitude need to find someone else to harrass. Because you don't wanna make me angry.

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. So take this thread as the tongue-in-cheek joke it's supposed to be... because if you take it too seriously, I'm going to take it too seriously.

And nobody likes it when I do. So don't.

Yes, veiled threats are always a good idea when trying to prove you aren't an insane stalker.

Sideshow Mel: Tell them they'll live to regret this.
Sideshow Bob: YOU'LL LIVE TO REGRET THIS ... oh thanks, now I look crazy.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bendis Wants A Barbie

An Ella Enchanted one to be specific.

And it's for his daughter.

Kinda cute.