Sunday, April 10, 2005

Dead means dead. Just ask your grandma.

If you're looking for something to read besides YET ANOTHER Infinite Crisis at the House of M hype story or fanboy complaint thread, Kung Fu Monkey delivers the goods in the form of an interview with God on Infinite Crisis on Actual Earth (that would be your world and mine ... well, mine, anyway).

John: A long series of weird deaths --
God: Reagan, Arafat --
John: Johnny Cochran
God: From that great run on "I Can't Believe It's the Justice System".
John: Prince Rainier, Saul Bellow and more, then a bizarre wife-murder crime run, followed by reintroduction of old villains the Avian Flu and Ebola Outbreak, plus crossing the line on peak oil production --
God: Wow, you noticed that one. You are a fanboy.


John: Any regrets?
God: Never should have let Millar write the Schiavo thing.


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