Sunday, February 27, 2005

No Prize for Dan Slott

Over at Newsarama, Dan Slott lets all the fanboys know that SHE-HULK#12 wasn't a dig, it was a plea for ALL of us to be POSITIVE, CREATIVE, & FUN:

It started when someone sent Dan a private message: But I just dont get your problem with us vocal fanboys. The little digs are turning me off of your work. And prior to them, honestly, I have no problem with your work. Not a single complaint. Care to explain where the unsolicited apprehension stems from?

Dan responds:

Everybody has been takings 3 pages of SHE-HULK #12 out of context. SHE-HULK #12 was not just about those three pages-- there were 20 other pages in that issue (yes, you got an extra page and Marvel didn't raise the price or anything. ...) But those 3 pages were the most salacious fodder for online fans to criticize, so that's what everyone has been focusing on.

But there was a thread running through that ENTIRE issue-- on how trends in comics, creators, and hard core fans are bringing so much NEGATIVITY to comics-- a medium that is SUPPOSED to be about CREATIVITY and FUN.

Barbs poked an EQUAL amount of fun at the DISASSEMBLED arc, excessive violence for violence sake, the killing off of popular/beloved characters for increased sales, and even MY OWN writing.


AND if people take the time to actually read the "speech" in its ENTIRITY, that fan is NOT TELLING the snarky fans to be more positive, he is PLEADING with them, CHALLENGING them, BESEECHING them to USE their vast knowledge of comics to HELP OUT.

And when they DO help in the story-- it is ACTUALLY those SAME fans who come up with the solution and SAVE THE DAY! They actually become the heroes of the book!


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Hah! Well, i found those three pages pretty darn hilarious...

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