Sunday, February 13, 2005

And Now, on the crass scale..

Peter David takes a lot from people who read his political opinions and then decide that because he phrases things intelligently (and often times sarcastic/humorous) they need to berate him on-line for having an opinion...

Therefore, in the interest of fairness -

Ethan Van Sciver on the Bendis Board commenting on writers he is not fond of:

I didn't read the DaVinci code, because it captured our retarded Christian population's imagination. "Could the 'cup of Christ' actually refer to a woman? Did DaVinci know the truth!?"

Answer: No, because the Bible isn't true.

Okay, so....onto questions of King Arthur's sexuality then
Ah yes... The lovely "retarded Christian population's imagination". Isn't he so eloquent folks? Check out the thread here .


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