Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Miracle of Birth

A poster on Newsarama asks, "What's the most stomach-turning, disturbing mainstream superhero book you ever read?" Some of the answers:

For me I think it'd have to be the "What If?" issue in the 90s where Wolverine gutted and ate a live baby on panel (his back was to the reader but still...) After he was done feasting they showed his bloody face. And that was approved by the comics code!!

The pregnancy in MiracleMan (#7, I believe). I did not need to see something so graphic!

I think the Green Lantern girlfriend-in-the-fridge episode was a step too far.

I also was disturbed by the content of a recent Powers issue where a boy was left hanging from a shower curtain rod where he'd been raped and beaten to death. I guess talking about it is one thing, but showing a full-page image of his body complete with a bloody area where he was violated was a bit much for me.

Rape, girls in refrigerators, baby-eating ... and the miracle of birth. Disgusting!


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