Sunday, January 16, 2005

Maybe he should have offered a page from Astonishing X-Men ...

Over on the Geoff Johns boards (registration required), Green Lantern: Rebirth artist Ethan Van Sciver started a new thread (with a "sticky," no less) asking the board regulars to register at Newsarama and vote for Green Lantern: Rebirth #1 in a "Cover of the Quarter" poll.

Hey! I normally don't do fact I didn't even send around an email asking for votes for me for Best Penciller on that Wizard ballot. But I'd like this. Newsarama runs a poll about the best cover of the year, and REBIRTH #1 is up for best cover of the third quarter. Unfortunately, we're being trounced by Astonishing X-Men right now. That's probably because the righteous posters of the Geoff Johns's message board don't know about it!

The main competition in the poll is Astonishing X-Men #7. Ethan later added this incentive:

It's such an uphill battle. Maybe we can still get it though. Thank you, everyone who participated, or is about to participate. Perhaps there should be a prize given out at random for one of the voters if we win. A page from REBIRTH #1?

Someone shared this information on Newsarama, and posters responded:

Does EVS really need this type of validation so much that he's willing to buy votes?

I like EVS's art, but that is really pathetic. I find it really dissapointing that a creator would do that...

Ethan, you shameless, shameless man. I agree with Pascal, though, it's pretty funny. I mean, it's an internet poll...*shakes head walking away*

No, it's just a really nice gesture that he is doing because he's a stand-up guy who loves his fans as much as we love him!!! Besides AXM will probably win because it has an X in the title. Fans of it have to admit, it's pretty uneventful. (the AXM cover, that is)

I think we all have to remember that this is just a fun poll. It's not the Eisners, for cryin' out loud.

Even with the bribe, at noon today Astonishing X-Men was still winning by four votes. Geoff Johns hasn't weighed in on the poll ... of course, he is probably torn, since the distant third-place in the poll is JSA #68.


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