Sunday, January 23, 2005

If he really liked Mark Waid's work so much...

In the book Writers on Comics Scriptwriting 2, one of the entries is an interview with Geoff Johns. One of the questions asked to him was what writers have influenced him. His answer:

"Besides the silver age greats - who I think influenced everybody, even if they don't know it - I really, really liked John Ostrander. I thought he was terrific on Suicide Squad. Great concept. Great execution. I liked Peter David on Hulk... I was really into that series when he was working on it, and you've got to respect that twelve-year run. I mean give me a break, even if you didn't read it or like it all, you have to respect that. Mark Waid was a huge influence on me when he took over on Flash. It was just amazing. I remember being in college when that "Return of Professor Zoom" story came out and I was just floored. It was the best storyline he did in that book. It's plainly one of the best stories I ever read.
Now, the silver age was a given, but the comments on Mark Waid's Flash run were interesting, especially given how much reversing of the run has been done, most notably with Impulse into Kid Flash (and it's not like character development/change is a bad thing.. but rushed, messy character revamping with a weak reason is something else).


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Mark Waid isn't in Green Day. Are you retarded?

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