Sunday, January 23, 2005

If he really liked Mark Waid's work so much...

In the book Writers on Comics Scriptwriting 2, one of the entries is an interview with Geoff Johns. One of the questions asked to him was what writers have influenced him. His answer:

"Besides the silver age greats - who I think influenced everybody, even if they don't know it - I really, really liked John Ostrander. I thought he was terrific on Suicide Squad. Great concept. Great execution. I liked Peter David on Hulk... I was really into that series when he was working on it, and you've got to respect that twelve-year run. I mean give me a break, even if you didn't read it or like it all, you have to respect that. Mark Waid was a huge influence on me when he took over on Flash. It was just amazing. I remember being in college when that "Return of Professor Zoom" story came out and I was just floored. It was the best storyline he did in that book. It's plainly one of the best stories I ever read.
Now, the silver age was a given, but the comments on Mark Waid's Flash run were interesting, especially given how much reversing of the run has been done, most notably with Impulse into Kid Flash (and it's not like character development/change is a bad thing.. but rushed, messy character revamping with a weak reason is something else).

Monday, January 17, 2005

Posting and You

We here at Post Crisis try to keep you informed about what's going on in the world of comic board posting. But if you've ever had opinions of your own and have an overwhelming desire to contribute to Newsarama, the John Byrne forums, etc. you may want to take a look at Posting and You, a Flash movie that explains the do's and don't's of message board posting.

Win Street Angel Comics

Comic Book Galaxy is giving away Street Angel Comics to one lucky winner, as well as that one lucky winner's one lucky comic store. My local shop doesn't carry Street Angel, so should I put them down on my entry, or the other store across town where I can buy it? Dilemmas ...

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Maybe he should have offered a page from Astonishing X-Men ...

Over on the Geoff Johns boards (registration required), Green Lantern: Rebirth artist Ethan Van Sciver started a new thread (with a "sticky," no less) asking the board regulars to register at Newsarama and vote for Green Lantern: Rebirth #1 in a "Cover of the Quarter" poll.

Hey! I normally don't do fact I didn't even send around an email asking for votes for me for Best Penciller on that Wizard ballot. But I'd like this. Newsarama runs a poll about the best cover of the year, and REBIRTH #1 is up for best cover of the third quarter. Unfortunately, we're being trounced by Astonishing X-Men right now. That's probably because the righteous posters of the Geoff Johns's message board don't know about it!

The main competition in the poll is Astonishing X-Men #7. Ethan later added this incentive:

It's such an uphill battle. Maybe we can still get it though. Thank you, everyone who participated, or is about to participate. Perhaps there should be a prize given out at random for one of the voters if we win. A page from REBIRTH #1?

Someone shared this information on Newsarama, and posters responded:

Does EVS really need this type of validation so much that he's willing to buy votes?

I like EVS's art, but that is really pathetic. I find it really dissapointing that a creator would do that...

Ethan, you shameless, shameless man. I agree with Pascal, though, it's pretty funny. I mean, it's an internet poll...*shakes head walking away*

No, it's just a really nice gesture that he is doing because he's a stand-up guy who loves his fans as much as we love him!!! Besides AXM will probably win because it has an X in the title. Fans of it have to admit, it's pretty uneventful. (the AXM cover, that is)

I think we all have to remember that this is just a fun poll. It's not the Eisners, for cryin' out loud.

Even with the bribe, at noon today Astonishing X-Men was still winning by four votes. Geoff Johns hasn't weighed in on the poll ... of course, he is probably torn, since the distant third-place in the poll is JSA #68.


Neil Gaiman comments on his blog about his next Marvel project:

And I just got an e-mail from Joe Quesada about Marvel mystery project #2. It looks like I've practically got an artist for the project (a really cool one I've never worked with before); and that, following a long conversation between me and Joe, we'll be incorporating bits of stuff from previous plans into something set in the Marvel Universe here and now. And that it'll be fun.

Just in time for MLK Day ... John Byrne on Black Culture

First all Hispanic women with blonde hair look like hookers, now this ...

Isn't it about time Black people got insulted by Hollywood constantly pillaging White culture for material? Doesn't this say "Black culture is barren -- nothing we can use there!"

These are John Byrne's comments on a new "Honeymooners" remake starring Cedric the Entertainer and Mike Epps.

Ah, Byrne. In the great big family of comics, he's the uncle who thought he was funny ... y'know, the one who you never wanted your friends to meet.

EDIT: Comic writer Dwayne McDuffie responds to Byrne's comments here.

Raise the Dead

Oddly enough, the CrossGen Web Site and Message Board are back. It looks to be unchanged, except of course for the "What the?" posts from the board regulars who wandered back in.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Miracle of Birth

A poster on Newsarama asks, "What's the most stomach-turning, disturbing mainstream superhero book you ever read?" Some of the answers:

For me I think it'd have to be the "What If?" issue in the 90s where Wolverine gutted and ate a live baby on panel (his back was to the reader but still...) After he was done feasting they showed his bloody face. And that was approved by the comics code!!

The pregnancy in MiracleMan (#7, I believe). I did not need to see something so graphic!

I think the Green Lantern girlfriend-in-the-fridge episode was a step too far.

I also was disturbed by the content of a recent Powers issue where a boy was left hanging from a shower curtain rod where he'd been raped and beaten to death. I guess talking about it is one thing, but showing a full-page image of his body complete with a bloody area where he was violated was a bit much for me.

Rape, girls in refrigerators, baby-eating ... and the miracle of birth. Disgusting!