Thursday, September 30, 2004

Absolute Worst

Poster Algertman asks Newsarama posters What DC Abosulute Hardcovers they want.

His list includes:
-Flash: Geoff Johns run
-BatMan: Loeb/Sale collaborations
-Swamp Thing: Alan Moore
-Watchmen: i will die before this gets released
-ID Crisis-just so i can have Sue raped and beat SUPERSIZED!
Fellow Poster Stephanie, was not amused:
Holy flying fuck! That's not funny even though you probably think it is.

Sins Past

JMS' current Amazing Spider-Man storyline is stirring up the emotions of fans across the web, with everyone decrying his "ruining" of Gwen's Vestal Virgin Image.

Apparently, some of these posters have a problem with Gwen succumbing to weakness and seduction, and would have prefered that she had been raped. Of course the entire storyline itself is leaving a bad taste in people's mouths continuity (I'm beginning to hate that word)-wise. This begs two important questions.

1) How can fans be okay with the Sue Dibney-rape being inserted into continuity without any problems?


2) How the hell would rape serve to perserve her Vestal image? Either way, she's been subjected to intercourse. At least, this way it was a lapse in mental judgement. But then again, I can see the appeal of taking the tragedy of Peter's first real love and amping it up. I mean, her father was killed by one of his archenemies, she was killed by his biggest archenemy. Why not kick it up a notch? BAM! Rape.

No real choice quotes to post, but for a good example of the raging debate, check out the Newsarama thread.

Also make sure to check out the over-obessive continuity rant at the bottom of the Silver Bullet Comics review posted in the Newsarama thread. Ignore the review itself, as Craig Johnson doesn't so much review as spoil, and forget certain things (like how London to Paris isn't exactly that big of a trip, once you're in Europe)....

Sunday, September 26, 2004

John Byrne's Board Does the Darndest Thing...

It all began in a thread in which Byrne called out detractors to use "TRUTH" in their arguments against him and slowly through out the course of the board, people began to realize that one of Byrne's hardcore detractors was turning up on people's ignore lists - without them putting him there.

Turns out "Byrne Robotics Investor" Dave Pruitt did it... and as member Matt Hawes was not happy about it...

Wait a minute...!!

You are confessing that you tampered with the "preference" function of several (all?) the posters, here on the board?

JB, were you aware of this?

Dave, I don't give a flying fuck about Glenn Watson, AKA, "Foil." I think he's a troublemaker and a nuisance. If JB didn't want him banned, than that's up to JB, but for you to decide who the rest of us should ignore is no joke.

Damn it, I was hoping it was a glitch.

You violated my trust, Dave, and I suspect the trust of many with your action. How dare you justify your actions as you did above. Your breach of ethics is disgusting. And the worst part is that you've just given that bastard "Foil" something to crow about.

How dare you tamper with my preferences, Dave.

I'm sorry, JB, but this is unacceptable to me. It's no "joke" to me. I am your fan and I enjoy discussing comics and entertainment with you and others on the boards, but if one of the chief moderators is abusing his position so blatantly and even expecting us all just to laugh it off, we'll I won't accept that nonsense.

Sue you, Dave? I wish I could at this point.

Kurt Busiek chimes in on page 8.

Readers can see the entire thread HERE.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Racism, Frank Miller and "Crazy Man Who Can't Stop Talking"

A poster on Newsarama asks if Frank Miller is a racist:

I got the Daredevil VIsionaries volumes because I no longer have my old Daredevils and wanted to reread them. This is the first time I read them all at once as an adult and noticed how badly the blacks were depicted. Even when he started and McKenzie was doing the writing, his depictions of blacks in the background were disturbing. They were often shirtless, angry looking, had cornrows, or had disgustingly long nails and contorted grimaces.

When he started writing, there was lots of stereotypical dialogue and buffoonish behavior from supporting characters and extras like Turk and various other black criminals. One shirtless thug tried to take Heather Glenn to a back alley and wanted to rape her. Power Man and Iron Fist guest-starred and Power Man was written very stupidly and stereotypically. Although both Power Man and Iron Fist were both used for comic relief, Iron Fist had some scenes where he was used effectively, fought Daredevil and was complimented on his martial arts prowess. Power Man's only contribution was his buffoonish behavior, though.

Posters respond:

I don't know if he is racist, or just not that interested in developing support characters. He admitted when he first moved to NYC and was doing Daredevil, his depiction of the streets was more influenced by childhood memories of Kojak rather than what was going on around him. As good as his writing can be, he frequently relies on stereotypes to convey blunt messages, and I personally think he does not handle female characters well. The vast majority of Miller women are whores, strippers, assassins, or some combination thereof. Is there a message there? I don't know... maybe.

I [think] Miller just has a tendency to use stereotypes. Lots of his stories feature recurring types like Crazy Man Who Can't Stop Talking, Stalwart Trenchcoat Man. Ninja Whore and Uber-Ditz.

Update: Rich Johnston vs. the Industry's Colorists

Last Tuesday a bit of drama unfolded on a newsboard for colorists called Gutter Zombie, as we detailed here. For those just joining us, several colorists who post at Gutter Zombie took offense to an item in Rich Johnston's Lying in the Gutters column. Rich showed up at the forum and all hell broke loose.

The drama continues with the creation of a new forum called "The Rich Johnston Experience." The forum includes three locked threads that provide a history of the conversations between regular board participants and Rich, as well as one unlocked thread that is open to people without having to register. Let the onslaught begin.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Priest's Call for Support

Christopher Priest asked for fan support of Captain America & the Falcon on his blog today:

It's perhaps too early to crank up the bells of doom, but I think it is fair to suggest if you like CAF and want to see it continue, it'd be a good idea to be fairly vocal about it to your retailers and to Marvel. Nobody at Marvel has said or done anything that would suggest we won't be here next year, but unfortunately, by the time they DO tell us anything, it may be too late to do anything about it.


Thursday, September 23, 2004

John Byrne Says The Darndest Things

If you've ever strolled over to John Byrne's Forum, You'll know what I'm talking about.

The latest John Byrne-ism comes from a thread talking about a photograph of Jessica Alba as Sue Storm for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.
    Personal prejudice: Hispanic and Latino women
    with blond hair look like hookers to me, no matter
    how clean or "cute" they are. Somehow those skin
    tones that look so good with dark, dark hair just don't
    work for me with lighter shades.

    Like I said -- personal prejudice.

I think Bill Cosby can easily host a television special on Mr. Byrne's stunning comments.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Color by Numbers

Posters over at Gutter Zombie, a site for colorists, are upset over a recent item in Lying in the Gutters titled "color ME CURIOUS":

I was also tipped off to a change in the production budget in other ways. Colouring fees are being reduced by half at Marvel, and there has been a move to outsource abroad, or hire juniors for the task. Why? It's getting easier to color a book these days...

The usual reaction to this kind of news is negative. People lose jobs, or people have to change jobs, but as technology increases, it's luddite to ignore it. And a saving in the production budget can change the profitability level of certain books.

Posters responded to the article:

What they don't understand, is that while it may be easier for amaetures to produce half decent colours it is no easier for professionals to color at a professional level.

Just because the technology of a pencil is as simple as can be, doesn't mean that anyone can be a good penciller. I can't for the life of me understand why people can't figure this out. It's like when you take a good photograph, and people compliment you on your camera. People think that better technology somehow imbues you with magical powers.

Great! The last thing we need is people to think colouring is "easy." Rich's statements are damaging. Colourists are artists as well and should be recognized as such. I've had to get someone off my back once about wanting to learn about digital colouring. He wanted to be a colourist because he was "not a good artist so he can't be a penciller".

Poster Dave McCaig fired off an email to Rich on the subject, then posted Rich's response email on the thread. Rich responded on the thread with more details and a lesson in netiquette, then the thread continues for a few pages, addressing questions such as:

  • Is Rich a journalist?
  • Is coloring easier now than it was before the latest version of Photoshop?
  • Is it ok to post emails on newsboards?
  • If colorists are the Rodney Dangerfields of the comic industry, what are the rumour mongers?

EDIT Sept. 22: If you follow the thread, you'll see that Rich was banned from Gutter Zombie.

EDIT Sept. 23: And now he is unbanned.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Eagle Awards Voting

Online voting for the Eagle Awards has been open for a few weeks. To cast your vote, visit:

Punching Comic Creators in the Gut

Dan Slott stopped by Newsarama to pimp She-Hulk and offer his opinion on fans who "steal" comics. He wasn't talking about shoplifting comics or even downloading them, but about fans who read them at the store and then put them back on the shelf:

"Flip ALL you want. Get a feel for the art, the basics of the story, flow of script-- whatever. That's cool. Take a Baskin Robins pink spoon of the comic. I'm all for that. I mean, the LAST thing I'd want to see in a comic shop is EVERY book bagged and boarded. You should be allowed to take a test drive.

"But READING an ENTIRE book COVER-2-COVER is tantamount to sneaking into a movie without paying. Sure, a large big-studio film (like HARRY POTTER) can take the hit in stride-- but a small indy pic (like THE CLOUD OF UNKNOWING) can't. If retailers are ordering 30,000 copies of a book or less-- AND you're reading it REGULARLY and NOT paying for it-- you're hurting the book.

"Please tell me if that's an unfair statement."


"Reading it cover-2-cover in the store and THEN putting it back on the rack? That's a punch to the gut of everybody who puts their ALL into this title."

Is that an unfair statement? Read the rest of his reply before deciding.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Cleaning Your Own House

You've seen it on Millarworld. It's been discussed on the Bendis Board. It even happens at the Pulse and CBR. Now, finally, things have apparently gone too far, as Newsarama posts a thread bashing Newsarama:

Did you all know that Talk@ is surrounded by some of the ugliest, most obtuse, comic-bashing trolls EVER?!? I mean you can't even surf NEWS without seeing some grossly ignorant comment or Arthurian post on how comics are so terrible these days. You can't even reason with them, they just want to bash creators and decisions made by the big 2. It sort of makes me sad that there are so many clueless and disenchanted people, but I guess they can't take the heat of coming into Talk@ and having a real adult converstaion about comics, so we're safe.

It's amazing how ANYTHING you post in the news section seems to start off really bitchy arguements. I don't know that the Newsarama 'trolls' are any worse than those on other sites - I suspect most of them just flit from board to board, annoying as many people as they can. It's their form of 'social interaction' I suppose

The problem with messageboards is it gives people confidence. This can be good like say me who is generally a shy person but I come on here and well it's easy to talk to people and have fun. Now the bad side seems to be far more prevalent or at least obnoxious. People come one say "So and so is an @#$%" or "This story sucks and it's because of moron fans like you". Stuff they probably would never say to a creator's or poster face they can say because A)There is no Dr. Strange Pants Cleaner in the phone book or B)What are the chance I am going to run into Chuck Austen in real life? So we get all sorts of idiots, ashholes, fools, jackasses, morons, tools, trolls, bile spewing, brain dead, mental midgets(see insulting from behind a computer is easy) who have a chip on their shoulder.

In the same thread, one poster claims to be an "insider" now because of his screen name ... GenXMaverick said:

I told Jeremy several stories about how my screen name as GenXMaverick has kinda-sorta gotten me known in certain circles within the comics industry. My favorite story is the DC employee (not a comics creator) who I introduced myself to and this person replied, "Oh, you're GenXMaverick. Yes, I recognize the screen name."

You have no idea how many times something like that has happened to me. It's weird. Out of all the screen names I've had, that one for some reason has stuck out. It gets me more attention than any other one I've created. I can't explain it.

My point being, certain screen names attract people's attention. I advised Jeremy why Xaraan was probably going to get him noticed on Newsarama more than any of the others. So, when creating a screen name or deciding whether or not to change it, there are a few little tricks you can use to try and get folks attention.

The Post-Crisis legal team advises us that you can't put a screen name down on a restraining order. Just an FYI, DC.

Spider Jerusalem Returns

John Kerry and his smiling VP candidate beware ... Spider Jerusalem is back. On his "Mister Sleepless" LiveJournal, Warren Ellis shares a short story featuring everyone's favorite tattooed journalist. In return, Warren asks for a PayPal donation:

If you like the little story thing, drop a couple of coins in the old man's hat, and he can bring you more Stunts, and more importantly more of The Dirty Stuff. I thank you.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Joe Quesada to Leave Marvel - And this Poster Knows!

First, here's the post (well the original post.. He edited it):
I don't know if I'm supposed to tell you but, I have inside info and Joe might be leaving. Ever since Bill Jemas left marvel he's been working on a writing/publishing company called 360 Squared. And he told me that he has sent Joe a contract for him to be a writer at 360 and Joe said he might leave. but don't tell anyone. I dont know If i was supposed to tell anyone.
Now here's the thread: Joe Quesada Might Be Leaving Marvel.
Oh, and here's another comment : Bumped Thread - To Defend Jemas

Sooo.. He's not supposed to tell anyone, but he blabs on a comic news board? With supposed inside information (he's friends with Jemas' kids). And then he goes back and edits his post? Exscuse the skeptic in us, but... Riiiiiight.

- Post-Crisis, returning from the dead.