Monday, October 04, 2004

Shanna's Breasts and Artist's Rights

Apparently Marvel has asked Frank Cho to tone down his T&A version of Shanna, the She-Devil so it may be published as a Marvel Knights book instead of a MAX book. This news brought an interesting discussion at Newsarama as several posters discussed both artists rights and big breasts.

"Keep in mind that it's a corporation asking the artist to change his work ON A CORPORATION-OWNED CHARACTER. They are hiring him to do work. If they decide that they don't like the direction or that they have a different idea now, that's their prerogative."

As Frank Cho says in Wizard; "There has been some resistance from the retailers for a MAX book.....which is understandable...............So they(Marvel) decided that under the Marvel Knights imprint, it would go to a wider audience than before. The good news is that if the Marvel Knights book sells well, there will be a Director's Cut 'rated R' Max imprint version."

I hope it sells well. I want the R rated verison. I love boobies. Real of Fake. Reality or Fantasy. Show me the areola!"

I think if anything can be learned from this thread is that there are ZERO girls with any interest in this mini and that we all like boobies."
More insanity, and actual discourse, can be found HERE.


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