Friday, October 29, 2004

Old Firestorm vs. New Firestorm, Artists vs. Colorists

So who is Firestorm and who isn't? We think we know who's dead and who's alive, right? Check out the cover to Firestorm #10 here. Or here, where you can find an interesting debate starting on page three between two people who you would think know each other.

Matt Haley, cover artist for Firestorm, has begun coloring his own covers and asked for advice: This one I'm pretty happy with, although I think the colors are a bit flat, I think it lacks depth. If any color geniuses have some color tips, they'd be much appreciated

A poster called Soto responds: I think the coloring falls short in quite a few ways.
There's no ambient light. The white hilights, and muddying look of the smoke seem a little pedestrian to me. There's really no focus and there's no sense of depth (how far away are the characters from each other?). Also, there's no binding color to make the whole thing look cohesive.
I like the B&W. I think that looks snazzy, but I'm really not feeling the colored piece.
Sorry to sound harsh, but I'm a little rushed for time.

Matt responds: I don't take it as anything other than constructive criticism, however, without knowing you or seeing an example of your work , it's a bit hard to accept your crits at face value.

Soto: Hmmm....
Okay, I guess it was wrong of me to assume that you knew who I was.
I color Firestorm.

So maybe this Soto guy does know a thing or two about coloring Firestorm, eh?


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