Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Is Cap Racist? Only if you want to make a point ...

A Newsarama poster let Captain America fans know the score:

The only reason people like Captain America is because they are terrified of the idea of a person who isn't an all-american white-boy could possibly be a hero.

They need Captain America to support their beliefs that white people are naturally superior to all other races, and that America is by right the greatest country of all, and that all other nations should bow before American superiority.

They believe that anyone who doesn't like Captain America must be a terrorist or homosexual. And they hate homosexuals.

Captain America appeals only to racists, and it is only racists who buy this comic.

But before you start beating the red, white and blue drum for our favorite Sentinel of Liberty, poster Strike added:

Don't like it?

That's how I feel whenever somone accuses me of being a sexist pervert, just because I like t&a comics.

Ah! He was making a point! So we're not going to discuss racism and Captain America? No, we're talking about T&A comics ... what a swerve. I feel a bit cheated, because it seems like we're always talking about T&A comics. Posters respond:

I don't think all people who enjoy looking at drawings of scantily clad women are perverts.

Hey as long as the drawings are 18 it's cool.

You're definitely a perv if you prefer to look at drawings more than the actual thing.

Well, I am a Captain America fan and a homosexual. What could have been an intelligent discussion on this issue of people who rear t and a comics and why, has instead become a "I don't like general comments hurled at me when I pick up a certian type of book-- so I will hurl general comments back at other readers who pick up other books" thread. If you don't like the comments you get form people, then why do you give the same type of comments back?

Strike returns to the conversation and outlines the difference between good and bad T&A comics:

I just get sick of it, y'know. An artist draws his(her) women looking nice and sexy, and snobby fanboys tell everyone that only perverts who masturbate over comic-book porn will buy this book.

Even worse is when a creator is forced to deny that his comic is t&a, when some kind of shameful peer-pressure compels him to point out all the other qualities of his book, and play down that element that he's worked so hard on. As though creating a t&a comic is something to be ashamed of.
(Billy Tucci and Raven Gregory are prime examples)

What a lot of people forget is that there are different kinds of t&a, and varying levels of quality.

There's quality t&a - Cho, Balent
And there's crap t&a - Liefeld.

Anyway. The point is: I like t&a comics. Some of them, anyway. Not because the images turn me on, or because I'm a geeky pervert (I am, but it's not the reason).

The reason is, quite simply, because it's funny as hell!

Ah, so people buy T&A books for the humor. Gotcha.


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