Friday, October 29, 2004

Old Firestorm vs. New Firestorm, Artists vs. Colorists

So who is Firestorm and who isn't? We think we know who's dead and who's alive, right? Check out the cover to Firestorm #10 here. Or here, where you can find an interesting debate starting on page three between two people who you would think know each other.

Matt Haley, cover artist for Firestorm, has begun coloring his own covers and asked for advice: This one I'm pretty happy with, although I think the colors are a bit flat, I think it lacks depth. If any color geniuses have some color tips, they'd be much appreciated

A poster called Soto responds: I think the coloring falls short in quite a few ways.
There's no ambient light. The white hilights, and muddying look of the smoke seem a little pedestrian to me. There's really no focus and there's no sense of depth (how far away are the characters from each other?). Also, there's no binding color to make the whole thing look cohesive.
I like the B&W. I think that looks snazzy, but I'm really not feeling the colored piece.
Sorry to sound harsh, but I'm a little rushed for time.

Matt responds: I don't take it as anything other than constructive criticism, however, without knowing you or seeing an example of your work , it's a bit hard to accept your crits at face value.

Soto: Hmmm....
Okay, I guess it was wrong of me to assume that you knew who I was.
I color Firestorm.

So maybe this Soto guy does know a thing or two about coloring Firestorm, eh?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Last Laugh

Speaking of politics (and I know all of us Americans are speaking about politics for a few more days, anyway), check out this Flash movie Peter Kuper did based on his "Richie Bu$h" comics. Not quite as light-hearted as those "JibJab" movies, but effective nonetheless.

Brady Law

Readers and posters of Newsarama's boards may have noticed a recent trend ... Chief Newsaramist Matt Brady has been a lot more visible on the boards over the past few weeks. For instance, in today's announcement about Marvel's earnings (Brother Voodoo on TV? I can die happy now), a typical Newsarama scene was played out when two posters began the age-old debate about who's better, Marvel or DC. Matt swoops in:

You're calling someone ignorant because they don't share your opinion? Both Marvel and DC have plenty of Hollywood successes and failures under their belts at this point. Calm it down.

They don't, and he's back ...

Can we please cut the Marvel vs. DC bickering now? It's not relaly making anyone look good...

This, of course, is "good cop" Brady ... we've also seen "bad cop" Brady in the Talk@ section lately, specifically in a thread he stickied on political threads:

So – let it be known on these boards – the political threads are under heavy scrutiny as of now. If you think you’re going to get into a passionate debate about politics on this board and win converts, think again, recalling how many times you’ve changed your mind about something as important as politics because of what someone you didn’t know wrote on an internet messageboard.

I’ve a feeling that things are going to try to get worse as we get closer to the election – I’ve no problem deleting threads that are started for the sole purpose of inciting others, and I’ve got no problem banning political threads on this board altogether until well after the election.

And speaking of deleting threads, poster Strike apparently had one deleted this week and was quick to start a thread defending the original thread:

Did you really think I was gaybashing? The point was, I want the new Black Cat series to be T&A, and have HLA. And I was just trying to get support, by conving the gay community that this would be the best way to get acceptance. With the real motive being, that I'm a perv. You people are too sensitive.

His original thread was deleted, but someone was kind enough to email us the text of his first post from it:

Gay people are idiots They are. They want acceptance and equal rights, yet they go completely the wrong way about it.All too often, they use threats, intimidation and guilt to try and make people accept their way of life. What they fail to realise is that you cannot force people to be tolerant.Threats and intimidation never work. They only cause resentment.Bribery,on the other hand, works like a charm.The Gay Rights Movement should instead try a new tactic. They should try offering society something in exchange for equal rights.And what is it that gays have that everyone else wants?Lesbians.The key to homesexual acceptance is, and always has been, Hot Lesbian Action. If they had only tried convincing their more attractive female members to offer HLA in exchange for acceptance, they could have had equal rights decades ago.It's the carrot and stick method. The stick doesn't work, try using the carrot instead.And for Marvel Comics, the carrot = Felicia Hardy a.k.a The Black Cat.In the alternate future storyline of Spider-girl, Felicia is a lesbian. And you know something, I cannot think of a single damn reason why she should not be a lesbian in the regular Marvel Universe too.Northstar was Marvel's best attempt to inject homosexuality into their comics, but as an experiment, anyone with any sense could see that it was doomed to failure, no matter how liberal we may claim to be. And don't even get me started on the stupidity of Rawhide Kid.Mystique has sometimes been hinted at being a lesbian. But that's all there's ever been, hints and rumours. Not even in her current series has she been shown getting off with another girl.Okay, there's been Sunfire in Exiles. And guess what, dead within six issues.Well according to rumour, there's a Black Cat series coming up, with Frank Cho as artist.And I say, go for it. Make her a lesbian. And I want - no, I DEMAND a plentiful supply of hot, lesbian action, with lots of sexy babes for Felicia to screw.Trying to force-feed us wax-chested gays was never going to work.A lipstick lesbian in a pvc catsuit - that will work. The series will be a major smash seller, guaranteed!And then, ONLY then - when you have a successful superhero storming up the charts - will you have taken the first step towards homosexual acceptance in mainstream comics.

Addition: Then there's this thread from condescending poster onemoment, where "Bad Cop" Brady really lays it down:

Oh, just knock that shit off. You posted a message that was very clearly meant to insult anyone who has the misfortune of not seeing the world as you see it, and have, in following up, opted more to insult those who hold different opinions, and paint large swaths of people as "suckers" or worse


You're free to discuss your points in a rational manner, which means respecting the opinions of others, and the operating under the fundamental realization that other people may not see things as you do, and may have very good reasons for not seeing things as you do. As I've explained though, you've yet to really show you can do this, preferring instead to hold yourself superior to just about everyone else, bait, bitch, insult and argue, when all you have to do is show a little common respect for others.

If you don't, well, I'm imagining that this won't be the first place you've been booted from.

There won't be another warning.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Comic colorist + graphs =

And that is only the beginning of this developing saga.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Marvel My Way

Need a primer on how to run Marvel out of business? Visit Newsarama's "Name 10 things you'd change at Marvel if you could...":

Have new characters start to take center stage and slowly phase out older ones. Legends never die but, their story has to end sometime, right?

Wrap-up the Ultimate line. As much as I hate to say this, It was a good idea at the time. Heck, it got me back into comics after a few years away (about 10 or so - missed the whole 90's). But, I think it's time to tie everything together and end the story.

Simplify. What do we need Marvel Knights for? Seriously, what is the purpose of the Knights imprint? To me, its just extra. Couldn't it just be under the regular Marvel imprint? Also, why 3 X-Books? Why 4 Spider Books? I think they should just make everything tighter, cut out the excess.

Shoot whoever wrote the script for the Punisher movie. I enjoyed the movie itself. However, all throughout the movie, I kept thinking, the original Punisher origin would have been much better and had more emotional impact if they had built on that.

Heck, why not just do away with movies altogether?

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Are Jason Lee and Stan Lee related?

That's what one inquisitive poster asked in this thread.

Five posts in, he had to clarify he was being serious.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

John Byrne ... Our Favorite Message Board Poster

Is it Tuesday? Then it must be time for John Byrne to make an inappropriate comment. In a thread on his message board about the recent Green Arrow HIV issue, John Byrne shares this comment ...

I have noticed that people have begun referring to Christopher Reeve as a "hero". I do not wish to take away one iota of the courage he must have needed not to wake up screaming every single day, but the hard truth is there was nothing "heroic" in what happened to him, or how he dealt with it. In fact, as far as how he dealt with it, he didn't even have a choice. We could imagine he spent every hour of every day (when not in front of the cameras) begging family members to simply kill him and get it over with -- but none of them did, so he had no choice but to deal with each day as it came.*

Heroism, I believe, involves choice.

*Not in any way suggesting this is what was happening, just in case there are those who are paralyzed from the neck up who might be reading these words. . .

I like the disclaimer best ... "Not in any way suggesting this is what was happening," yet he painted quite a vividly morbid picture there, didn't he?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Is Cap Racist? Only if you want to make a point ...

A Newsarama poster let Captain America fans know the score:

The only reason people like Captain America is because they are terrified of the idea of a person who isn't an all-american white-boy could possibly be a hero.

They need Captain America to support their beliefs that white people are naturally superior to all other races, and that America is by right the greatest country of all, and that all other nations should bow before American superiority.

They believe that anyone who doesn't like Captain America must be a terrorist or homosexual. And they hate homosexuals.

Captain America appeals only to racists, and it is only racists who buy this comic.

But before you start beating the red, white and blue drum for our favorite Sentinel of Liberty, poster Strike added:

Don't like it?

That's how I feel whenever somone accuses me of being a sexist pervert, just because I like t&a comics.

Ah! He was making a point! So we're not going to discuss racism and Captain America? No, we're talking about T&A comics ... what a swerve. I feel a bit cheated, because it seems like we're always talking about T&A comics. Posters respond:

I don't think all people who enjoy looking at drawings of scantily clad women are perverts.

Hey as long as the drawings are 18 it's cool.

You're definitely a perv if you prefer to look at drawings more than the actual thing.

Well, I am a Captain America fan and a homosexual. What could have been an intelligent discussion on this issue of people who rear t and a comics and why, has instead become a "I don't like general comments hurled at me when I pick up a certian type of book-- so I will hurl general comments back at other readers who pick up other books" thread. If you don't like the comments you get form people, then why do you give the same type of comments back?

Strike returns to the conversation and outlines the difference between good and bad T&A comics:

I just get sick of it, y'know. An artist draws his(her) women looking nice and sexy, and snobby fanboys tell everyone that only perverts who masturbate over comic-book porn will buy this book.

Even worse is when a creator is forced to deny that his comic is t&a, when some kind of shameful peer-pressure compels him to point out all the other qualities of his book, and play down that element that he's worked so hard on. As though creating a t&a comic is something to be ashamed of.
(Billy Tucci and Raven Gregory are prime examples)

What a lot of people forget is that there are different kinds of t&a, and varying levels of quality.

There's quality t&a - Cho, Balent
And there's crap t&a - Liefeld.

Anyway. The point is: I like t&a comics. Some of them, anyway. Not because the images turn me on, or because I'm a geeky pervert (I am, but it's not the reason).

The reason is, quite simply, because it's funny as hell!

Ah, so people buy T&A books for the humor. Gotcha.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Shanna's Breasts and Artist's Rights

Apparently Marvel has asked Frank Cho to tone down his T&A version of Shanna, the She-Devil so it may be published as a Marvel Knights book instead of a MAX book. This news brought an interesting discussion at Newsarama as several posters discussed both artists rights and big breasts.

"Keep in mind that it's a corporation asking the artist to change his work ON A CORPORATION-OWNED CHARACTER. They are hiring him to do work. If they decide that they don't like the direction or that they have a different idea now, that's their prerogative."

As Frank Cho says in Wizard; "There has been some resistance from the retailers for a MAX book.....which is understandable...............So they(Marvel) decided that under the Marvel Knights imprint, it would go to a wider audience than before. The good news is that if the Marvel Knights book sells well, there will be a Director's Cut 'rated R' Max imprint version."

I hope it sells well. I want the R rated verison. I love boobies. Real of Fake. Reality or Fantasy. Show me the areola!"

I think if anything can be learned from this thread is that there are ZERO girls with any interest in this mini and that we all like boobies."
More insanity, and actual discourse, can be found HERE.