Thursday, September 30, 2004

Sins Past

JMS' current Amazing Spider-Man storyline is stirring up the emotions of fans across the web, with everyone decrying his "ruining" of Gwen's Vestal Virgin Image.

Apparently, some of these posters have a problem with Gwen succumbing to weakness and seduction, and would have prefered that she had been raped. Of course the entire storyline itself is leaving a bad taste in people's mouths continuity (I'm beginning to hate that word)-wise. This begs two important questions.

1) How can fans be okay with the Sue Dibney-rape being inserted into continuity without any problems?


2) How the hell would rape serve to perserve her Vestal image? Either way, she's been subjected to intercourse. At least, this way it was a lapse in mental judgement. But then again, I can see the appeal of taking the tragedy of Peter's first real love and amping it up. I mean, her father was killed by one of his archenemies, she was killed by his biggest archenemy. Why not kick it up a notch? BAM! Rape.

No real choice quotes to post, but for a good example of the raging debate, check out the Newsarama thread.

Also make sure to check out the over-obessive continuity rant at the bottom of the Silver Bullet Comics review posted in the Newsarama thread. Ignore the review itself, as Craig Johnson doesn't so much review as spoil, and forget certain things (like how London to Paris isn't exactly that big of a trip, once you're in Europe)....


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