Monday, September 20, 2004

Punching Comic Creators in the Gut

Dan Slott stopped by Newsarama to pimp She-Hulk and offer his opinion on fans who "steal" comics. He wasn't talking about shoplifting comics or even downloading them, but about fans who read them at the store and then put them back on the shelf:

"Flip ALL you want. Get a feel for the art, the basics of the story, flow of script-- whatever. That's cool. Take a Baskin Robins pink spoon of the comic. I'm all for that. I mean, the LAST thing I'd want to see in a comic shop is EVERY book bagged and boarded. You should be allowed to take a test drive.

"But READING an ENTIRE book COVER-2-COVER is tantamount to sneaking into a movie without paying. Sure, a large big-studio film (like HARRY POTTER) can take the hit in stride-- but a small indy pic (like THE CLOUD OF UNKNOWING) can't. If retailers are ordering 30,000 copies of a book or less-- AND you're reading it REGULARLY and NOT paying for it-- you're hurting the book.

"Please tell me if that's an unfair statement."


"Reading it cover-2-cover in the store and THEN putting it back on the rack? That's a punch to the gut of everybody who puts their ALL into this title."

Is that an unfair statement? Read the rest of his reply before deciding.


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