Sunday, September 26, 2004

John Byrne's Board Does the Darndest Thing...

It all began in a thread in which Byrne called out detractors to use "TRUTH" in their arguments against him and slowly through out the course of the board, people began to realize that one of Byrne's hardcore detractors was turning up on people's ignore lists - without them putting him there.

Turns out "Byrne Robotics Investor" Dave Pruitt did it... and as member Matt Hawes was not happy about it...

Wait a minute...!!

You are confessing that you tampered with the "preference" function of several (all?) the posters, here on the board?

JB, were you aware of this?

Dave, I don't give a flying fuck about Glenn Watson, AKA, "Foil." I think he's a troublemaker and a nuisance. If JB didn't want him banned, than that's up to JB, but for you to decide who the rest of us should ignore is no joke.

Damn it, I was hoping it was a glitch.

You violated my trust, Dave, and I suspect the trust of many with your action. How dare you justify your actions as you did above. Your breach of ethics is disgusting. And the worst part is that you've just given that bastard "Foil" something to crow about.

How dare you tamper with my preferences, Dave.

I'm sorry, JB, but this is unacceptable to me. It's no "joke" to me. I am your fan and I enjoy discussing comics and entertainment with you and others on the boards, but if one of the chief moderators is abusing his position so blatantly and even expecting us all just to laugh it off, we'll I won't accept that nonsense.

Sue you, Dave? I wish I could at this point.

Kurt Busiek chimes in on page 8.

Readers can see the entire thread HERE.


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