Monday, September 06, 2004

Joe Quesada to Leave Marvel - And this Poster Knows!

First, here's the post (well the original post.. He edited it):
I don't know if I'm supposed to tell you but, I have inside info and Joe might be leaving. Ever since Bill Jemas left marvel he's been working on a writing/publishing company called 360 Squared. And he told me that he has sent Joe a contract for him to be a writer at 360 and Joe said he might leave. but don't tell anyone. I dont know If i was supposed to tell anyone.
Now here's the thread: Joe Quesada Might Be Leaving Marvel.
Oh, and here's another comment : Bumped Thread - To Defend Jemas

Sooo.. He's not supposed to tell anyone, but he blabs on a comic news board? With supposed inside information (he's friends with Jemas' kids). And then he goes back and edits his post? Exscuse the skeptic in us, but... Riiiiiight.

- Post-Crisis, returning from the dead.


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