Monday, September 13, 2004

Cleaning Your Own House

You've seen it on Millarworld. It's been discussed on the Bendis Board. It even happens at the Pulse and CBR. Now, finally, things have apparently gone too far, as Newsarama posts a thread bashing Newsarama:

Did you all know that Talk@ is surrounded by some of the ugliest, most obtuse, comic-bashing trolls EVER?!? I mean you can't even surf NEWS without seeing some grossly ignorant comment or Arthurian post on how comics are so terrible these days. You can't even reason with them, they just want to bash creators and decisions made by the big 2. It sort of makes me sad that there are so many clueless and disenchanted people, but I guess they can't take the heat of coming into Talk@ and having a real adult converstaion about comics, so we're safe.

It's amazing how ANYTHING you post in the news section seems to start off really bitchy arguements. I don't know that the Newsarama 'trolls' are any worse than those on other sites - I suspect most of them just flit from board to board, annoying as many people as they can. It's their form of 'social interaction' I suppose

The problem with messageboards is it gives people confidence. This can be good like say me who is generally a shy person but I come on here and well it's easy to talk to people and have fun. Now the bad side seems to be far more prevalent or at least obnoxious. People come one say "So and so is an @#$%" or "This story sucks and it's because of moron fans like you". Stuff they probably would never say to a creator's or poster face they can say because A)There is no Dr. Strange Pants Cleaner in the phone book or B)What are the chance I am going to run into Chuck Austen in real life? So we get all sorts of idiots, ashholes, fools, jackasses, morons, tools, trolls, bile spewing, brain dead, mental midgets(see insulting from behind a computer is easy) who have a chip on their shoulder.

In the same thread, one poster claims to be an "insider" now because of his screen name ... GenXMaverick said:

I told Jeremy several stories about how my screen name as GenXMaverick has kinda-sorta gotten me known in certain circles within the comics industry. My favorite story is the DC employee (not a comics creator) who I introduced myself to and this person replied, "Oh, you're GenXMaverick. Yes, I recognize the screen name."

You have no idea how many times something like that has happened to me. It's weird. Out of all the screen names I've had, that one for some reason has stuck out. It gets me more attention than any other one I've created. I can't explain it.

My point being, certain screen names attract people's attention. I advised Jeremy why Xaraan was probably going to get him noticed on Newsarama more than any of the others. So, when creating a screen name or deciding whether or not to change it, there are a few little tricks you can use to try and get folks attention.

The Post-Crisis legal team advises us that you can't put a screen name down on a restraining order. Just an FYI, DC.