Sunday, August 01, 2004


This afternoon, Newsarama fell victim to self-proclaimed hacker MeM. Instead of the usual message board, users found themselves looking at this:

Click to enlarge the screen capture.

According to several posters, music played when you went to Newsarama. But for me, I did not hear a thing. I tried to get the audio going with the little control panel in the middle of the screen but nothing happened. I guess MeM should learn how to encode and embed audio universally for all browsers and operating systems. Ha!

The two images on the page were animated .gifs of the following:

Currently, the boards are down as administrators scramble to fix the problem.

EDIT: I found the link that MeM streamed the audio file from. You can listen to it at If anyone can help translate the audio or know what kind of website it came from, Post-Crisis would appreciate it.


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