Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Would the real Superman please stand up?

Brad Brickley asks about continuity and reboots on the Byrne boards, and John Byrne answers:

Some are too "uptight" -- but mostly they are the ones who claim a great knowledge of the characters while possessing none. As when Mark Waid stuck up his hand at a convention Q&A to ask me if "we can have the real Superman back", prompting me to wonder if this meant the Superman who could not fly and who routinely killed the badguys. After all, nothing could be more "real" than the character as originally presented by his creators.

Those who complain about the plastic nature of comics are either selfish, or ignorant, or both. They would rather wallow in a stagnant pool they completely "own" than risk a free flowing stream they would have to share.


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