Thursday, July 08, 2004

Will Write for Food

It's probably safe to assume that many newsboard posters are also wannabe comic book creators, and some of them are hoping their brilliant posts on why Scarlet Witch should be an X-Man will one day land them a job at Marvel. Newsarama poster BobbyPeru took a more overt approach in a recent thread on Bruce Jones signing with DC:

Bruce Jones no longer on the Hulk...forgive me if my tears are not forthcoming...

I hereby, however, offer to write HULK for Marvel. My writing can be found at and though its not comic writing, and is much more abstract material, it shows that I can a)write well and b)keep to a deadline (just ask my editor on there!).

Marvel, if you want a fresh voice, especially one that is soaked in Hulk history, come talk to me. Email address is on the site.

"A fresh voice" that's "soaked in Hulk history." Man, that sounds almost pornographic. Also, I checked out your site, Bobby; I hope you have a back-up plan when the Hulk gig falls through.


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