Monday, July 05, 2004

Trolls and the Pros...

Last week, at Newsarama, Brian Bendis and Joe Quesada gave an interview to promote and discuss the upcoming Avengers Disassemble story. On page 2 of the thread, everyone's professional Poster of Negativity, OM replied (after being taken to task about insulting Bendis):
...You know, I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Matty when he tried to argue that Jimmy Palmiotti didn't deserve to have his shit perpetually jumped for having ruined Superboy with his ghetto version of the Kid's adventures. Matty argued that Jimmy was one of the nicest people in the business, but as I said then about Palmiotti I'll double that for Bendis, Millar and even Chuclkes: It doesn't mean jack shit how nice someone is if they can't do their job right.

...Let's face it, kids: Millar, Bendis and Austin are all hacks, and the only reason they're still employed by Marvel is that they're buds with the Q. He's comfortable with them, and he's going to keep them employed so they'll watch his back as he's watching theirs. It's that simple, and explains why they keep getting all the choice writing gigs when far better writers are left out in the cold. They may be nice guys, and probably won't even kick their dogs in the snoot when they poop on the carpet, but that doesn't automatically mean their writing is worth a shit.

[cue Marvel Zombies]

Of courses this is nothing new for OM, and even ignoring the pedantic tone he takes with other posters, he was just asking for a reply. A reply that came from Bendis himself:

usually i would let it go, but you've said it now fifty times... so for the record i want to put it out there that i did not know joe q at all when i was hired based on the merits of my indepandant comic work. yes, we are friends now, but that came after.... i made him a lot of money

why you post on something you clearly don't know anything about is a very odd perdicament of the internat., either you're a liar or you're gleefully talking out of an orifice of your choice, your call pappy.

millar, joe, even chuck are all real people and not cartoon characters or wrestling characters for you to hiss and boo. they are real people. critique the work all the live long day but speak as you would be spoken too.. or at least have the guts to use your real name.

to the rest of you, thanks for getting on board with this. looking forward to your reaction when the story is done.

matt- this interview was right on the money as far as tone and quoting. great job.

Now if only more people would take trolls to task...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That OM guy should be banned over there. He's a total ass.

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