Thursday, July 08, 2004

Them Bones

Newsarama followed up on a story about Scholastic’s new graphic novel imprint, Graphix, with answers to poster's questions about the color (!!!) Bone graphic novels they will distribute. Scholastic's Janna Morishima said:

I wanted to answer a few of the questions I read. Regarding Bone: Jeff chose the colorist, not us. The color is being done at Cartoon Books, not at Scholastic, and we coordinating closely with them to make sure the production and manufacturing are top-notch.

The Bone books will be 6 x 9. We'll be printing a small hardcover run and a much larger paperback run. We'll be printing two volumes per year, in Spring and Fall, with volume one coming out in February 2005.”

The hardcover edition of Bone will be priced at $18.95, while the paperbacks will run at $9.99. The covers will feature new Bone art by Jeff Smith.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the book looks like in color. If you have any ideas for other graphic novels they should do, she provided contact information:

We are accepting query letters for book proposals. You can send them to my boss and/or me:

David Saylor/Janna Morishima
557 Broadway
9th floor
New York, NY 10012

Thanks again for all your comments -- rest assured I am taking careful note!


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