Thursday, July 01, 2004

Streaming Piss & Vinegar

Warren Ellis has started up a new column at the Pulse, filled with random bits of piss, vinegar and brilliance:

Someone needs to break Stuart Immonen's hands for me. He's the artist on ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR, and I never seem to get more than a few pages ahead of him. I sent in eight pages the other week and the assistant editor, Nick Lowe, wrote back to say that they should hold Stuart from around 11am until 11.20. Stuart's stripped his style down to bare lines for UFF. Now, theoretically, that should be a harder gig for him -- there's strain and precision in boiling eight lines down to one line that does the same job. It's one of the things that slows Adam Hughes down -- he draws a complete piece and then takes out every line that doesn't do work, which is how he gets those gorgeous crystalline pages. But it's time-consuming. Someone once told me that Terry Dodson gets a similar effect faster by building carefully from the ground up and simply stopping drawing once he's got the essential line down, and I guess Immonen's doing the same thing. Whatever. He must be stopped. He is the reason I'm not being interviewed for a TV documentary about I, ROBOT this week. I'm going to be either typing or sleeping for the next five weeks. I hate you, Stuart Immonen.

He claims Stuart Immonen calls him names over at his LiveJournal, but Stuart seems much too nice to do that. I couldn't find any name-calling, but maybe you'll have better luck.


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