Sunday, July 18, 2004

Secret Identity

Newsarama poster cyclopsfan wasn't happy with the ending of the first issue of Ex Machina: what i found distastful, was the presumtion that a superhero could have saved the lives of the those who died that day, and in this incarnation, did save one of the towers. It isn't real. There were real people who died in the tower he "saved" who have family who probably don't like the idea of that tragedy exploited like that. Im a fan of [Brian K. Vaughan], i read and enjoy alot of what he writes. This however, i won't be following
Poster OBERGEEK defended the story: You said it isnt real. you nailed right there. It isnt. this is a comic. You suspend your system of belief to read them. Im sorry you cant do that here. Look, we ALL have reverance for what happened that day. A lot of us had friends or family who died that day. But I dont think its exploitation to keep that event fresh in peoples minds. Americans are jaded people, and to a large degree have already forgotten. business as usual. Its sad really. What is so wrong with putting an uplifting spin on a fictional account of something that really happened. Its fictional, but in our story, people didnt die. Some of them were saved. I know thats hard to swallow. But in a lot of ways , to a lot of people, its uplifting. Its positive, not exploitation.
OBERGEEK's secret identity is Tony Harris, who drew Ex Machina, but apparently cyclopsfan didn't know this.  After cyclopsfan told Tony if he thought it was great, he should continue to buy it, Tony added:  I dont buy it, I draw it. . I frequent these boards. And I like nothing more than to mix it up with readers. Thats the real pay off for the work is the interaction. LOVE IT!! Positive or negative. Re-read my comments knowing that I am drawing the comic, and they might read in a different way, ....maybe...I dunno.
cyclopsfan later added: See, now i can't comment on how i did like the art without sounding like a kissup.  but i did like the art!  He also said he will "probably" buy the next issue since Tony was gracious enough to visit the boards.


Blogger The Monitor said...

Funny how people change their tune after meeting someone. I enjoy Cyclopsfan's Bush for '04 banner. Now if John Kerry posts on the boards, would he vote for him instead?

8:27 PM  
Blogger cyclopsfan said...

No, i won't vote for kerry if he sign's on newsarama! :)

3:23 PM  

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