Sunday, July 11, 2004

Retailer of the month Award

It seems that retailer Donald Riordan of Future Dreams in Portland, Oregon has a problem with Marvel's new subscription sale. Apparently, since they are offering titles for as low as 1.50 an issue this is, as Riodan puts it, "Way over the line... The Program is short sighted." He then rambles like the rest of his direct market brethren, who have a problem with Marvel doing something in an effort to make money and provide the consumer with a break, while not "caring about the retailers." Honestly, when the hell did the Direct Market become more important then the consumer? (NOTE: Pariah is not anti-comic shop. I love my local comic shops (which are run well, inviting, and find ways to not let this effect them...))... You can find the entire story here: Disgruntled Retailer.

Side note: When this appeared at Fanboy Rampage, it brought with it a chorus of different opinions, some actually siding with the retailer! Apparently, stupid is contagious. Although a few of the wiser posters, make mention of non-comic magazine subsciption prices always undercutting the newstand without negative effect. Comments are here.


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