Tuesday, July 13, 2004

More Retailer Fun

Apparently Marvel's subscription policy is annoying more retailers.

Andy Battaglia of Comics Etc. in Rochester, New York. He writes :
What can I say, other than thanks again, Marvel; I guess the bright side would be we would not have to worry about not getting reorders from Marvel. Powers switching to Marvel is another bone-headed maneuver... is selling less really your goal? I just continue to look for ways to keep my Marvel orders under budget. And with half their line sporting bad imitation manga artwork, that's becoming much easier.

Wow... This is the guy I want to buy my comics from. Let's say he bites the hand that feeds him, complains about Powers moving to a potentially bigger audience ("is selling less really your goal?" What does that mean?) And then degrades their line, while having budget problems with them. Maybe its time for Andy here to switch jobs or better yet, if he is that fed up with Marvel, drop them. Stop carrying their books. Stop whining (for no reason, but hey, isn't that the way with these people) and eliminate your budget problems.

Oh and then make sure to come back with a whole new complaint once people aren't able to find Astonishing X-Men or Ultimate Spidey in your store.

I'm sure you'll be able to find another way to pin it on Marvel.


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