Thursday, July 15, 2004

Moderating Workout

I don't even know where to begin explaining what happened but several posters over at Newsarama went psycho and kept moderator MattB busy here, here and here.

Matt cracks down on the crazed posters eloquently:
    locking down all these bullshit high school drama threads.

    look people - this board is not life - for many it's a place to come and talk to friends, chat about comics and other interests. Why there need to be cliques, backstabbing, sock puppets, and name calling is beyond me.

    You all want to play Degrassi High, feel fucking free to do it, but do it somewhere else.

    You want to stay here, talk comics, hang out and have a good time without this high school bullshit, by all means, stay.


I'm sure Matt's words of wisdom will be remembered for one week at the most.

I also have a feeling this thread had the potential to hit the juvenile chopping block but poster GenXMaverick, who started the thread stating people should stand up in what they believe in and express a diversity of opinion on the boards, locks it down himself. GenX locks this right before the more conservative (and rival) posters have a chance to say their piece. I guess he believes in standing up in what you believe in, and silencing those who oppose you. Way to go diversity of opinion!

Last, Matt's obviously keeping on his toes today too because a thread started by poster picsaro was quickly deleted. The thread simply said:
    Girlfriend/Wife pics
    Let's see some pictures of your ladies. Don't be shy.


Blogger Psycho Pirate said...

Heh. These were next on my list. It was hard to ignore the three locked threads all in a row.

10:57 AM  

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