Thursday, July 08, 2004

Ming the Merciless

In his latest column over at the Pulse, Warren Ellis discusses what he would do if he was Editor-in-Chief at Marvel:

If I'm the Marvel EIC, then my first responsibility is to make money for the company. I'm an employee. That's what I do. I don't do all these extraneous books with characters known only to the hardcore fans. I'm not going to greenlight RUNAWAYS or VENOM. I'm sure they're fine books. Brian Vaughan can write. But no-one's heard of them.

I want a GHOST RIDER book, because everyone knows Nic Cage wants to do GHOST RIDER, and it's going to be about a guy on a bike with his head on fire who runs people over. And then lights them on fire. And then goes into a bar and drinks it and does Lisa Marie Presley over the pool table and then lights the place on fire and goes out and gets back on his bike and looks for more people to run over. This is what they want. Damn straight.


Blogger bottleHeD said...

Lol, coming from Warren Ellis, that's really funny. The man's known for his esoteric stuff, and he's advocating mainstream??
Or is it a subtle dig at Brian Vaughan??

10:47 AM  

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