Monday, July 12, 2004

Follow-up: Waid vs. Byrne

Lying in the Gutters has a follow-up to the Byrne/Waid reboot post from a few weeks ago. Mark Waid replied to Byrne's statement "As when Mark Waid stuck up his hand at a convention Q&A to ask me if 'we can have the real Superman back'...", on the Joe Quesada message boards:

"This, by the way, never happened, even though it's become one of Byrne's new favorite anecdotes. I'd gladly refute it more directly at the message board on which it was posted, but--at least in my experience--those who attempt to correct John's delusional statements and borderline libels are quickly booted."

Waid went on to say that he had already been banned once from the Byrne boards for defending Gorilla Comics.


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