Thursday, July 08, 2004

Dying 101

Newsarama poster Lorendiac posted a well thought out post on the top ten reasons characters die in comics. Some of my favorites (no. 7 should happen more often):

03. Let's Make Room for Someone Younger and Cuter in a Similar Role!

Hal Jordan is dead; Long Live Kyle Rayner! (Who DOESN'T embarrass DC by having white hair at his temples, suggesting he might actually be getting downright ancient - like, in his forties, even!)

04. The "End of the Romance" Fatality

"Good grief, I think the hero is becoming emotionally involved with this lady! What can we do to get rid of her? I know! We'll KILL her! That'll fix the problem! Then the fans will stop nagging at us to let him marry her and settle down, which would *gasp of horror* CHANGE him from the swinging bachelor he is now! This will teach them not to nag us about such nonsense!"

07. Housecleaning to Get Rid of an Embarrassment

"If We Kill Him, We can Have All Our Characters Soon Develop Total Amnesia and Never Mention Him Again!"


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