Friday, July 16, 2004

Digital Comics

Posters over at Newsarama seem to be split over the subject of downloading comics:
put quite simply, i download alot of comics. but i do also buy the ones i like. about half my pull list is made up of comics i have downloaded first, and im now buying them.
I've d/led a few, too. The only ones I've downloaded were "missing" issues or a couple things the trades/hcs aren't out for yet that I wanted to read before picking them up. I don't see harm in it, cause it CERTAINLY hasn't curbed my comic buying. If anything, it's fueled it, even giving me more interest in things I wouldn't normally check out, like DC books (of which about 7 or 8 are now on my pull list, after reading a d/led one)
I am so diggin it......this is the greatest thing since.....the comic book
I believe it is wrong and hurts in the industry, it's theft in every shape of it's form.  Now I do download music, but I at least don't try to rationalize it as anything other then stealing
I don't download, simply because it's like kicking a creator in the nads. "I love your work, but not enough to pay you for it!" As a creator myself, although not of comics, I respect that these people made a choice of how to make their work available and I respect that choice. I understand that some people buy the comic also, and some people are collecting stuff that's long out of print, and I see the justification behind it- but I don't agree with it. But hey, that's why I don't do it, and I know many people don't feel the same way.
One poster admits it is wrong, but still does it ... and asks everyone else to shut up about it:
may it be music, comics, movies, or computer software - if it helps or damages the industry, it is still wrong because you are disrespecting the copyright laws. and no matter what the arguement you use....that's that. that's the law, good or bad.yes as some of you know, i used to download comics as well...and heck i'll probably still do it....even if i know it's wrong. i had some excuses for myself, but i erased them all, because i couldn't think of one valid one except i must be a hypocrite. i'm someone who knows it's wrong but yet i do it. so are a bunch of us and really we don't need more people like us.but if i may suggest something, don't bring this subject to everyones attention...because 1) we really don't know how this would affect the industry if it becomes wide spread. we all love comics, that's a given, but do we really want it to be de-valued like music? let's not chance it. 2) it's illegal and god forbid one day you guys are tracked and conviceted for a copyright crime. it only makes it easier for you to get caught when you "share" your files or talk in chat rooms about this subject. if you really want to talk about it, go somewheres where your ip is not logged. the last thing we need is another napster.i suppose it's inevitable that everyone will learn how to do day, but let's not promote it. you maybe just one person doing it, but think of it as one of those pyrimid business may just get out of hand.
Do as I say, not as I do. 


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