Monday, July 26, 2004

A Dark Day

Brian Bendis has suspended his message board. Possibly for good. Several longtime members of his board, had a private board, where they talked about killing members of the Bendis board, discussed raping girl/girls at Wizard World Chicago and unleashed mass amounts of derogatory comments. The secret board was outed yesterday and Bendis (and his board's runner - Denny and Allen) immediately took charge, banning, threatening to ban, and apologizing to female members.

As Bendis posted last night on his now MIA board:
i an very sickened by the whole thing here and came very close to pulling the plug. i have way too much to do to deal with this.

some people i have met and like personally are very guilty of some truly disgusting behavior here.

would public apologies from the guilty make people happy? or should i just ban half the board? does anyone care? i don't know.

as it stands alot of banning is about to happen. but i am hoping that some of the guilty stand up and repent.

Bendis posters chimed in with comments, chiding the other posters.

I don't give a fuck what people say about me. None of you know me anyway. But you don;t post a picture of a girl and then say you're going to rape her. THAT is bullshit.
Bendis and the posters than began to offer words of consolation and encouragement to the females on the board who had been targets of such awful "jokes" as a rape-list.

This morning the battle moved to new ground, and a new board, as Mark Millar joined in on his board.

I just had a link sent to me this morning by a friend who's girlfriend (also a friend) is on a Rape List for the Chicago con by a bunch of frat-house pricks who run a website. Their whole site is clearly bullshit and I'm 99% certain this isn't serious, but given that some girls who post here and on the Bendis board and targeted and mentioned by name pissed me off so much I'm trying to get more details on these fucks to be passed along to Wizard so they can be banned from the Con and also any other comic boards. There's few enough women reading comics without this bullshit behaviour. I also think it's possibly criminal and have asked Wizard to pass the details along to the police. If you know these people or recognize their faces post below so we can pass along the information. Also, if you see them at the con they need their asses kicked. If I see ANY of these people I will glass them. Seriously.
As the war moved over there, so did poster NeilFarted, who adminned the private message board of hate. His entire response to the ordeal has been bullshitting non-chalant. As have several other members of the hate board, claiming it was all in joking fun. As one Hate-Board-Poster explained it, they used this board as a place to joke and vent for fear that the jokes would cause people on the Bendis board to gang up on them or they would be banned.


I have seen lots of disgusting posts and lots of stupidity on-line (the now defunct Shoutweb boards being an example of this. A board who's life was ended, might I add, when death threats, showed up). But for NeilFarted and his collaborative cronies to just say its a joke and lighten up is beyond any sort of definied stupidity or maturity.

I very much echo the words Mark Millar used to NeilFarted when he replied to Millar's threat to "glass" him (asking if it was hypocritical for Millar to threaten assualt but have people banned from the con for threatening to rape, basically".

Your friends have the hotel address of several women on these boards and have on this thread and another mentioned them by name, said they wanted to rape them and encouraged other people to rape and/ or kill them. Are my threats therefore acceptable? Yes.

Don't try and get into semantics with me. Your fucking disgraceful site is exactly the kind of thing that perpetuates the idea that this business filled with female-hating pricks. If you want to defend these people, fine. Do it elsewhere. You are not welcome on these boards and neither are your friends. Two of the girls mentioned don't want to be involved with the net community anymore and one said she's scared to come to Chicago now. Brian Bendis spoke to me on the phone this morning and said he was so disgusted by this that he's closed down his site for the time being.

To come here and try to justify this is pigshit. Fuck off!
Well said, Mark.

Post-Crisis members send condolences to the women who felt threatened, the male posters who had murder scenarios planned for them, the poster who's autistic children were degraded and slandered (and god knows what else), and Bendis for having to deal with this people and, unfortunately, having this negative drama associated with his name.

For more info: Millarworld.


Blogger Stephanie Chan said...

Friend of mine told me about this last night. That was frightening and sad. I can't believe that those morons can think they can blow it all off as a joke! How hard is it to fess up and say sorry? I guess I shouldn't expect much from a bunch of losers who can't get a date.

5:09 PM  
OpenID boosternova said...

Those Inbred Marvel Apologist/Quesquadaites and losers really need spamming.

5:34 PM  

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