Sunday, July 18, 2004


Poster James Pipik over on the Byrne boards is upset with the events of Identity Crisis #2, in a now-locked thread called "Dropping Doom Patrol":
...and all other DC books in protest of (edited for spoilers).  Don't tell me THIS JLA isn't a mainstream title, don't tell me these aren't children's characters, don't tell me it's a prestige format or whatever, don't tell me it's a great story.  This is a new low.  Sorry to keep my nickel out of your pocket, JB, but I can't pay you without paying the people who put out this other stuff.  Please tell your editor.
Byrne responds: So I get zapped for something you don't like in a book by someone else -- a book over which I have no control? Thanks a lot.

In the same thread, poster Tony Mazza points out the fairly tasteless Adult Swim DVD ads that have been popping up in comics: I actually thought that the ad they are running for the Cartoon Network DVD was more in bad taste, it's the one that shows the girl unzipping her wet suit and holding the two DVD's in front of her chest so that it looks like her juvenile.


Blogger Psycho Pirate said...

Bryne did respond to the subject matter of Identity Crisis in another thread:

I have not read "Identity Crisis" so I cannot comment directly, but I will say this: when I was doing
FANTASTIC FOUR I addressed racism, rape, child
abuse, latchkey kids, miscarriage and other "adult"
themes, and never got so much as a peep out of the
Comics Code Authority. Basically it's all in the wrist
-- not what is being addressed, so much as
how it is being addressed.

From here.

Thanks to Progressive Ruin for the link!

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