Friday, July 30, 2004

Save an X-book

"Cult hit" Weapon X can be saved from cancellation, according to an interview with Frank Tieri on Newsarama:

I’d say our numbers are good enough to make us what you might call a “cult hit” - and, let’s face it, “cult hit” or not— plenty of books in today’s market would smother their own grandmothers for numbers like we have. However, they’re also numbers that push the limits of what Marvel finds acceptable these days— and so here we are.

(Can an X-book be a "cult hit"?)

...we’re not going down without a fight. You might have already seen that many sites like Silver Bullet Comics, ComiX-Fan, Herorealm, Comicboards and TheComicFanatic have already joined the cause and fans have already begun a letter-writing campaign. I know for a fact Marvel has already received quite a few letters but we have to keep ‘em coming. We’re asking fans to write to Dan Buckley, Joe Quesada and/ or Mike Marts, doing so in a polite and respectful manner, at:

Marvel Enterprises, Inc.
10 E. 40th St.
New York, NY 10016
ATTN: Weapon X

Tell them you want more Weapon X. Remember what Stan used to say… You are our bosses. Marvel is not necessarily the “Evil Empire” a lot of people make it out to be—a lot of them are just people like you and me who are willing to listen. And if enough of you write in and show your support for this book, I’m confident they will.

Frank puts his money where his mouth is and offers to write issue 29 for free:

I haven’t heard anything as of yet. So what I’m going to do right now is sweeten the deal - because I believe so strongly in this project and that the Weapon X fans should get their ending, I’m willing to make Marvel this offer… I will do the first issue for free. That’s right, Marvel! You give me six issues and you will get the first issue… absolutely free. Act now, act fast—supplies are limited!

So get out there and save the book, before we lose another X-book that will likely be replaced with three more.

Newsarama DNC Correspondent

Newsaraman Prozac Man, who describes himself as an out-of-work Bostonian, has been providing "on the street" coverage of the Democratic National Convention on the Newsarama forums.  His coverage has been both interesting and entertaining ... nice job, Prozac!

Day -1 (The day before)
Day 1
Day 2
Day 4
(Day 3 is MIA)

Talk@Newsarama, by the way, has been a real hotbed of political discussion lately. With the election still months away, it's doubtful it will die down anytime soon, which kind of sucks for Post-Crisis ... arguments about comics, not arguments about Michael Moore, George W. Bush, Iraq and John Kerry, are our bread and butter.

The Inevitable Return?

A poster at Newsarama found a "secret" preview page from Astonishing X-Men #4 that might or might not reveal which X-character is coming back from the dead. If you don't want it to be SPOILED, don't click here.

Several people responded positively and negatively, but Peagle8 had the best response: "It’s good to see everyone isn't jumping to conclusions from an out of order preview page."

For more Marvel previews (including the legit Astonishing X-Men #4 preview and the dreadfully bad Invaders #1), visit Mile High Comics.

Monday, July 26, 2004

A Dark Day

Brian Bendis has suspended his message board. Possibly for good. Several longtime members of his board, had a private board, where they talked about killing members of the Bendis board, discussed raping girl/girls at Wizard World Chicago and unleashed mass amounts of derogatory comments. The secret board was outed yesterday and Bendis (and his board's runner - Denny and Allen) immediately took charge, banning, threatening to ban, and apologizing to female members.

As Bendis posted last night on his now MIA board:
i an very sickened by the whole thing here and came very close to pulling the plug. i have way too much to do to deal with this.

some people i have met and like personally are very guilty of some truly disgusting behavior here.

would public apologies from the guilty make people happy? or should i just ban half the board? does anyone care? i don't know.

as it stands alot of banning is about to happen. but i am hoping that some of the guilty stand up and repent.

Bendis posters chimed in with comments, chiding the other posters.

I don't give a fuck what people say about me. None of you know me anyway. But you don;t post a picture of a girl and then say you're going to rape her. THAT is bullshit.
Bendis and the posters than began to offer words of consolation and encouragement to the females on the board who had been targets of such awful "jokes" as a rape-list.

This morning the battle moved to new ground, and a new board, as Mark Millar joined in on his board.

I just had a link sent to me this morning by a friend who's girlfriend (also a friend) is on a Rape List for the Chicago con by a bunch of frat-house pricks who run a website. Their whole site is clearly bullshit and I'm 99% certain this isn't serious, but given that some girls who post here and on the Bendis board and targeted and mentioned by name pissed me off so much I'm trying to get more details on these fucks to be passed along to Wizard so they can be banned from the Con and also any other comic boards. There's few enough women reading comics without this bullshit behaviour. I also think it's possibly criminal and have asked Wizard to pass the details along to the police. If you know these people or recognize their faces post below so we can pass along the information. Also, if you see them at the con they need their asses kicked. If I see ANY of these people I will glass them. Seriously.
As the war moved over there, so did poster NeilFarted, who adminned the private message board of hate. His entire response to the ordeal has been bullshitting non-chalant. As have several other members of the hate board, claiming it was all in joking fun. As one Hate-Board-Poster explained it, they used this board as a place to joke and vent for fear that the jokes would cause people on the Bendis board to gang up on them or they would be banned.


I have seen lots of disgusting posts and lots of stupidity on-line (the now defunct Shoutweb boards being an example of this. A board who's life was ended, might I add, when death threats, showed up). But for NeilFarted and his collaborative cronies to just say its a joke and lighten up is beyond any sort of definied stupidity or maturity.

I very much echo the words Mark Millar used to NeilFarted when he replied to Millar's threat to "glass" him (asking if it was hypocritical for Millar to threaten assualt but have people banned from the con for threatening to rape, basically".

Your friends have the hotel address of several women on these boards and have on this thread and another mentioned them by name, said they wanted to rape them and encouraged other people to rape and/ or kill them. Are my threats therefore acceptable? Yes.

Don't try and get into semantics with me. Your fucking disgraceful site is exactly the kind of thing that perpetuates the idea that this business filled with female-hating pricks. If you want to defend these people, fine. Do it elsewhere. You are not welcome on these boards and neither are your friends. Two of the girls mentioned don't want to be involved with the net community anymore and one said she's scared to come to Chicago now. Brian Bendis spoke to me on the phone this morning and said he was so disgusted by this that he's closed down his site for the time being.

To come here and try to justify this is pigshit. Fuck off!
Well said, Mark.

Post-Crisis members send condolences to the women who felt threatened, the male posters who had murder scenarios planned for them, the poster who's autistic children were degraded and slandered (and god knows what else), and Bendis for having to deal with this people and, unfortunately, having this negative drama associated with his name.

For more info: Millarworld.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Best. Response. Ever.

The Bendis board brought attention to a millarworld thread involving Warren Ellis. Bendis poster cburnham noticed this jewel of dialogue:

Warren Ellis:
Of course, once a work's out in the wild, it's free to be interpreted in any way anyone likes...

-- W

Johnny California: Oh, come on. TOKYO STORM WARNING was obviously a polemic against technological advancement and put forth the usual paranoid fears about genetic engineering and atomic testing.

Don't try to deny it, you luddite.

Warren Ellis:
I want to operate on your living brain with sticks.

In my opinion, no more commentary is needed.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Secret Identity

Newsarama poster cyclopsfan wasn't happy with the ending of the first issue of Ex Machina: what i found distastful, was the presumtion that a superhero could have saved the lives of the those who died that day, and in this incarnation, did save one of the towers. It isn't real. There were real people who died in the tower he "saved" who have family who probably don't like the idea of that tragedy exploited like that. Im a fan of [Brian K. Vaughan], i read and enjoy alot of what he writes. This however, i won't be following
Poster OBERGEEK defended the story: You said it isnt real. you nailed right there. It isnt. this is a comic. You suspend your system of belief to read them. Im sorry you cant do that here. Look, we ALL have reverance for what happened that day. A lot of us had friends or family who died that day. But I dont think its exploitation to keep that event fresh in peoples minds. Americans are jaded people, and to a large degree have already forgotten. business as usual. Its sad really. What is so wrong with putting an uplifting spin on a fictional account of something that really happened. Its fictional, but in our story, people didnt die. Some of them were saved. I know thats hard to swallow. But in a lot of ways , to a lot of people, its uplifting. Its positive, not exploitation.
OBERGEEK's secret identity is Tony Harris, who drew Ex Machina, but apparently cyclopsfan didn't know this.  After cyclopsfan told Tony if he thought it was great, he should continue to buy it, Tony added:  I dont buy it, I draw it. . I frequent these boards. And I like nothing more than to mix it up with readers. Thats the real pay off for the work is the interaction. LOVE IT!! Positive or negative. Re-read my comments knowing that I am drawing the comic, and they might read in a different way, ....maybe...I dunno.
cyclopsfan later added: See, now i can't comment on how i did like the art without sounding like a kissup.  but i did like the art!  He also said he will "probably" buy the next issue since Tony was gracious enough to visit the boards.


Poster James Pipik over on the Byrne boards is upset with the events of Identity Crisis #2, in a now-locked thread called "Dropping Doom Patrol":
...and all other DC books in protest of (edited for spoilers).  Don't tell me THIS JLA isn't a mainstream title, don't tell me these aren't children's characters, don't tell me it's a prestige format or whatever, don't tell me it's a great story.  This is a new low.  Sorry to keep my nickel out of your pocket, JB, but I can't pay you without paying the people who put out this other stuff.  Please tell your editor.
Byrne responds: So I get zapped for something you don't like in a book by someone else -- a book over which I have no control? Thanks a lot.

In the same thread, poster Tony Mazza points out the fairly tasteless Adult Swim DVD ads that have been popping up in comics: I actually thought that the ad they are running for the Cartoon Network DVD was more in bad taste, it's the one that shows the girl unzipping her wet suit and holding the two DVD's in front of her chest so that it looks like her juvenile.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Digital Comics

Posters over at Newsarama seem to be split over the subject of downloading comics:
put quite simply, i download alot of comics. but i do also buy the ones i like. about half my pull list is made up of comics i have downloaded first, and im now buying them.
I've d/led a few, too. The only ones I've downloaded were "missing" issues or a couple things the trades/hcs aren't out for yet that I wanted to read before picking them up. I don't see harm in it, cause it CERTAINLY hasn't curbed my comic buying. If anything, it's fueled it, even giving me more interest in things I wouldn't normally check out, like DC books (of which about 7 or 8 are now on my pull list, after reading a d/led one)
I am so diggin it......this is the greatest thing since.....the comic book
I believe it is wrong and hurts in the industry, it's theft in every shape of it's form.  Now I do download music, but I at least don't try to rationalize it as anything other then stealing
I don't download, simply because it's like kicking a creator in the nads. "I love your work, but not enough to pay you for it!" As a creator myself, although not of comics, I respect that these people made a choice of how to make their work available and I respect that choice. I understand that some people buy the comic also, and some people are collecting stuff that's long out of print, and I see the justification behind it- but I don't agree with it. But hey, that's why I don't do it, and I know many people don't feel the same way.
One poster admits it is wrong, but still does it ... and asks everyone else to shut up about it:
may it be music, comics, movies, or computer software - if it helps or damages the industry, it is still wrong because you are disrespecting the copyright laws. and no matter what the arguement you use....that's that. that's the law, good or bad.yes as some of you know, i used to download comics as well...and heck i'll probably still do it....even if i know it's wrong. i had some excuses for myself, but i erased them all, because i couldn't think of one valid one except i must be a hypocrite. i'm someone who knows it's wrong but yet i do it. so are a bunch of us and really we don't need more people like us.but if i may suggest something, don't bring this subject to everyones attention...because 1) we really don't know how this would affect the industry if it becomes wide spread. we all love comics, that's a given, but do we really want it to be de-valued like music? let's not chance it. 2) it's illegal and god forbid one day you guys are tracked and conviceted for a copyright crime. it only makes it easier for you to get caught when you "share" your files or talk in chat rooms about this subject. if you really want to talk about it, go somewheres where your ip is not logged. the last thing we need is another napster.i suppose it's inevitable that everyone will learn how to do day, but let's not promote it. you maybe just one person doing it, but think of it as one of those pyrimid business may just get out of hand.
Do as I say, not as I do. 

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Moderating Workout

I don't even know where to begin explaining what happened but several posters over at Newsarama went psycho and kept moderator MattB busy here, here and here.

Matt cracks down on the crazed posters eloquently:
    locking down all these bullshit high school drama threads.

    look people - this board is not life - for many it's a place to come and talk to friends, chat about comics and other interests. Why there need to be cliques, backstabbing, sock puppets, and name calling is beyond me.

    You all want to play Degrassi High, feel fucking free to do it, but do it somewhere else.

    You want to stay here, talk comics, hang out and have a good time without this high school bullshit, by all means, stay.


I'm sure Matt's words of wisdom will be remembered for one week at the most.

I also have a feeling this thread had the potential to hit the juvenile chopping block but poster GenXMaverick, who started the thread stating people should stand up in what they believe in and express a diversity of opinion on the boards, locks it down himself. GenX locks this right before the more conservative (and rival) posters have a chance to say their piece. I guess he believes in standing up in what you believe in, and silencing those who oppose you. Way to go diversity of opinion!

Last, Matt's obviously keeping on his toes today too because a thread started by poster picsaro was quickly deleted. The thread simply said:
    Girlfriend/Wife pics
    Let's see some pictures of your ladies. Don't be shy.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Puny Humans

If you have a blog, I suggest you blogroll this guy before he gets angry.

And you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

More Retailer Fun

Apparently Marvel's subscription policy is annoying more retailers.

Andy Battaglia of Comics Etc. in Rochester, New York. He writes :
What can I say, other than thanks again, Marvel; I guess the bright side would be we would not have to worry about not getting reorders from Marvel. Powers switching to Marvel is another bone-headed maneuver... is selling less really your goal? I just continue to look for ways to keep my Marvel orders under budget. And with half their line sporting bad imitation manga artwork, that's becoming much easier.

Wow... This is the guy I want to buy my comics from. Let's say he bites the hand that feeds him, complains about Powers moving to a potentially bigger audience ("is selling less really your goal?" What does that mean?) And then degrades their line, while having budget problems with them. Maybe its time for Andy here to switch jobs or better yet, if he is that fed up with Marvel, drop them. Stop carrying their books. Stop whining (for no reason, but hey, isn't that the way with these people) and eliminate your budget problems.

Oh and then make sure to come back with a whole new complaint once people aren't able to find Astonishing X-Men or Ultimate Spidey in your store.

I'm sure you'll be able to find another way to pin it on Marvel.

Open Black Market

Comic file-trading is a sticky issue. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it okay if you only download back issues? Regardless of what side of the fence a person is on, I think there is one thing that can be agreed on:

YOU DON'T PUBLICALLY ASK WHERE TO FIND NEW COMICS... Oh wait... Apparently, we all don't agree on it, as the following poster asks:

Do you guys know where I can find recent comics on torrent sites? Like.. Ultimate Spideys?

Y'know, whether or not you do it, is one thing. But to publically ask on a message board in full view of the industry itself is bad form.

Sigh, remember the days when "illegal" products were dealt in private, behind closed doors?

Monday, July 12, 2004

Follow-up: Waid vs. Byrne

Lying in the Gutters has a follow-up to the Byrne/Waid reboot post from a few weeks ago. Mark Waid replied to Byrne's statement "As when Mark Waid stuck up his hand at a convention Q&A to ask me if 'we can have the real Superman back'...", on the Joe Quesada message boards:

"This, by the way, never happened, even though it's become one of Byrne's new favorite anecdotes. I'd gladly refute it more directly at the message board on which it was posted, but--at least in my experience--those who attempt to correct John's delusional statements and borderline libels are quickly booted."

Waid went on to say that he had already been banned once from the Byrne boards for defending Gorilla Comics.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Retailer of the month Award

It seems that retailer Donald Riordan of Future Dreams in Portland, Oregon has a problem with Marvel's new subscription sale. Apparently, since they are offering titles for as low as 1.50 an issue this is, as Riodan puts it, "Way over the line... The Program is short sighted." He then rambles like the rest of his direct market brethren, who have a problem with Marvel doing something in an effort to make money and provide the consumer with a break, while not "caring about the retailers." Honestly, when the hell did the Direct Market become more important then the consumer? (NOTE: Pariah is not anti-comic shop. I love my local comic shops (which are run well, inviting, and find ways to not let this effect them...))... You can find the entire story here: Disgruntled Retailer.

Side note: When this appeared at Fanboy Rampage, it brought with it a chorus of different opinions, some actually siding with the retailer! Apparently, stupid is contagious. Although a few of the wiser posters, make mention of non-comic magazine subsciption prices always undercutting the newstand without negative effect. Comments are here.

One Punch!

Rocker and Verotik Comics publisher Glen Danzig got knocked out with one punch buy Danny NSK. Of course someone was around to videotape the incident and uploaded the mpg file for everyone see. The link is popping up everywhere, including comic book message boards where people that once worked for Danzig are getting a good laugh.

Danny Marianino of North Side Kings tells the story from his point of view:

    Bad show with Danzig last night. I posted this on before he tries to sue me for knocking him out. Read this and die with laughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Before crazy rumors begin to spread I would like to explain what happened:

    North Side Kings were to play with Danzig last night in Tuba City, Arizona. To make a long story short the whole show was a disaster and a few bands got bumped off. Mr. Danzig (or his managment??) refused to push back the original scheduled time slot so North Side Kings and Rapid Fire would have to play "after" his set. Whatever- we agreeded to play later because we drove 6 hours and didn't feel like going home without playing.

    Needless to say, as soon as Danzig was finished, the venue turned on the lights and Danzigs crew and the staging company began to take the stage apart almost instantly. I confronted Mr. Danzig backsatge while he was signing autographs and told him I thought he was an asshole because of his "rockstar" attitude and no consideration twords the FEW other bands that got bumped off tonight. In a fit of rage he turned around and slammed me into the wall yelling "fuck you motherfucker" trying to be a big toughguy in front of his fans. I -in self defence punched him in the face knocking him out as he was attacking me again. He went down, bleeding from his mouth, eyes rolled back, and in shock that he got knocked to the floor so quickly.

    A friend happened to tape the entire incident and this is all documented. Many witnesses saw him attack me, and I did what any man would do.

    It was unfortunate that this went the way it did -and I hoped Glen Danzig learned a valuable lession tonight - Do not lay your hands on anyone unless you can handle what may happen.

    I aploigize for nothing, except for the poor little kids that had to witness this big asshole get his ass kicked in a matter of seconds.....

    Danny M
    North Side Kings

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Dying 101

Newsarama poster Lorendiac posted a well thought out post on the top ten reasons characters die in comics. Some of my favorites (no. 7 should happen more often):

03. Let's Make Room for Someone Younger and Cuter in a Similar Role!

Hal Jordan is dead; Long Live Kyle Rayner! (Who DOESN'T embarrass DC by having white hair at his temples, suggesting he might actually be getting downright ancient - like, in his forties, even!)

04. The "End of the Romance" Fatality

"Good grief, I think the hero is becoming emotionally involved with this lady! What can we do to get rid of her? I know! We'll KILL her! That'll fix the problem! Then the fans will stop nagging at us to let him marry her and settle down, which would *gasp of horror* CHANGE him from the swinging bachelor he is now! This will teach them not to nag us about such nonsense!"

07. Housecleaning to Get Rid of an Embarrassment

"If We Kill Him, We can Have All Our Characters Soon Develop Total Amnesia and Never Mention Him Again!"

Will Write for Food

It's probably safe to assume that many newsboard posters are also wannabe comic book creators, and some of them are hoping their brilliant posts on why Scarlet Witch should be an X-Man will one day land them a job at Marvel. Newsarama poster BobbyPeru took a more overt approach in a recent thread on Bruce Jones signing with DC:

Bruce Jones no longer on the Hulk...forgive me if my tears are not forthcoming...

I hereby, however, offer to write HULK for Marvel. My writing can be found at and though its not comic writing, and is much more abstract material, it shows that I can a)write well and b)keep to a deadline (just ask my editor on there!).

Marvel, if you want a fresh voice, especially one that is soaked in Hulk history, come talk to me. Email address is on the site.

"A fresh voice" that's "soaked in Hulk history." Man, that sounds almost pornographic. Also, I checked out your site, Bobby; I hope you have a back-up plan when the Hulk gig falls through.

Them Bones

Newsarama followed up on a story about Scholastic’s new graphic novel imprint, Graphix, with answers to poster's questions about the color (!!!) Bone graphic novels they will distribute. Scholastic's Janna Morishima said:

I wanted to answer a few of the questions I read. Regarding Bone: Jeff chose the colorist, not us. The color is being done at Cartoon Books, not at Scholastic, and we coordinating closely with them to make sure the production and manufacturing are top-notch.

The Bone books will be 6 x 9. We'll be printing a small hardcover run and a much larger paperback run. We'll be printing two volumes per year, in Spring and Fall, with volume one coming out in February 2005.”

The hardcover edition of Bone will be priced at $18.95, while the paperbacks will run at $9.99. The covers will feature new Bone art by Jeff Smith.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the book looks like in color. If you have any ideas for other graphic novels they should do, she provided contact information:

We are accepting query letters for book proposals. You can send them to my boss and/or me:

David Saylor/Janna Morishima
557 Broadway
9th floor
New York, NY 10012

Thanks again for all your comments -- rest assured I am taking careful note!

Ming the Merciless

In his latest column over at the Pulse, Warren Ellis discusses what he would do if he was Editor-in-Chief at Marvel:

If I'm the Marvel EIC, then my first responsibility is to make money for the company. I'm an employee. That's what I do. I don't do all these extraneous books with characters known only to the hardcore fans. I'm not going to greenlight RUNAWAYS or VENOM. I'm sure they're fine books. Brian Vaughan can write. But no-one's heard of them.

I want a GHOST RIDER book, because everyone knows Nic Cage wants to do GHOST RIDER, and it's going to be about a guy on a bike with his head on fire who runs people over. And then lights them on fire. And then goes into a bar and drinks it and does Lisa Marie Presley over the pool table and then lights the place on fire and goes out and gets back on his bike and looks for more people to run over. This is what they want. Damn straight.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Justice, Like Lightning

Colorist Chris Sotomayor said on that he's working on a new Thunderbolts book for Marvel:

I went to see Spidey 2 (simply amazing!!!!) with the crew from Marvel. While I was up there, I got the official word that I'll be on the new Thunderbolts series. I should have a cover soon(-ish), so I'll post that when I get it. Now go see Spidey 2.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Would the real Superman please stand up?

Brad Brickley asks about continuity and reboots on the Byrne boards, and John Byrne answers:

Some are too "uptight" -- but mostly they are the ones who claim a great knowledge of the characters while possessing none. As when Mark Waid stuck up his hand at a convention Q&A to ask me if "we can have the real Superman back", prompting me to wonder if this meant the Superman who could not fly and who routinely killed the badguys. After all, nothing could be more "real" than the character as originally presented by his creators.

Those who complain about the plastic nature of comics are either selfish, or ignorant, or both. They would rather wallow in a stagnant pool they completely "own" than risk a free flowing stream they would have to share.

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

A Newsarama story posted today gives me reason to pimp one of my favorite online strips -- the dementedly photogenic A Softer World.

NRAMA: A Softer World has been described as a “post-modern haiku”. Given the space you have to work with, how do you work to ensure that you can get your idea across in such a limited space?

EH: With Emily's photographs I find that I'm often working with a character or a figure, and so the text is even more restricted because it cannot cover up the figure in more than one of the panels. Concise language is the only way that we can work in a three panel format. I try my hardest not to dumb down the idea we're going for, and sometimes I end up leaving large parts of the joke implicit.

Monday, July 05, 2004


Co-Writer of Powerless, Matt Cherniss, deserves some recognition for going out of his way to help a Newsarama poster (and pimp his own work). Poster Blind Assasin was having trouble with his comic shop who sold out of Powerless and didn't pull one for him as request. Matt, though, has offered to send him a copy. It's a great win-win situation for all those involved and shows that there are pros out there who do care. (For the record, Peter David has offered things like this before too.)

Trolls and the Pros...

Last week, at Newsarama, Brian Bendis and Joe Quesada gave an interview to promote and discuss the upcoming Avengers Disassemble story. On page 2 of the thread, everyone's professional Poster of Negativity, OM replied (after being taken to task about insulting Bendis):
...You know, I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Matty when he tried to argue that Jimmy Palmiotti didn't deserve to have his shit perpetually jumped for having ruined Superboy with his ghetto version of the Kid's adventures. Matty argued that Jimmy was one of the nicest people in the business, but as I said then about Palmiotti I'll double that for Bendis, Millar and even Chuclkes: It doesn't mean jack shit how nice someone is if they can't do their job right.

...Let's face it, kids: Millar, Bendis and Austin are all hacks, and the only reason they're still employed by Marvel is that they're buds with the Q. He's comfortable with them, and he's going to keep them employed so they'll watch his back as he's watching theirs. It's that simple, and explains why they keep getting all the choice writing gigs when far better writers are left out in the cold. They may be nice guys, and probably won't even kick their dogs in the snoot when they poop on the carpet, but that doesn't automatically mean their writing is worth a shit.

[cue Marvel Zombies]

Of courses this is nothing new for OM, and even ignoring the pedantic tone he takes with other posters, he was just asking for a reply. A reply that came from Bendis himself:

usually i would let it go, but you've said it now fifty times... so for the record i want to put it out there that i did not know joe q at all when i was hired based on the merits of my indepandant comic work. yes, we are friends now, but that came after.... i made him a lot of money

why you post on something you clearly don't know anything about is a very odd perdicament of the internat., either you're a liar or you're gleefully talking out of an orifice of your choice, your call pappy.

millar, joe, even chuck are all real people and not cartoon characters or wrestling characters for you to hiss and boo. they are real people. critique the work all the live long day but speak as you would be spoken too.. or at least have the guts to use your real name.

to the rest of you, thanks for getting on board with this. looking forward to your reaction when the story is done.

matt- this interview was right on the money as far as tone and quoting. great job.

Now if only more people would take trolls to task...

Thursday, July 01, 2004

More Piss & Vinegar

Yesterday on his Bad Signal list, the busy Ellis talked about the free comics he received this week from DC. Some gems:

The DC Big Box O'Shite turned up last night, and I read some of it. Robin is now a girl and Batman is looking at her arse. Really. He is. The paedophilication of American
culture proceeds apace.

I also read something called IDENTITY CRISIS, written by the American novelist Brad Meltzer. Possible spelling error there, sorry. I can't decide if it's almost obsessively generic or as richly writerly as Alan Moore's first takes on mainstream DC superheroics. He works hard to humanise these characters, and you admire his determination to give them literary weight, but at the end of the day it's The Revenge Of The Elongated Man. And I can't help but wonder if it's the same misguided brilliance that leads people to fashion a perfect 3-D representation of the Last Supper out of butter.

I think CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN was in the box, but after reading MIGHTY LOVE, I think I've been touched by Uncle Howard in my bad place one time too often.

Streaming Piss & Vinegar

Warren Ellis has started up a new column at the Pulse, filled with random bits of piss, vinegar and brilliance:

Someone needs to break Stuart Immonen's hands for me. He's the artist on ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR, and I never seem to get more than a few pages ahead of him. I sent in eight pages the other week and the assistant editor, Nick Lowe, wrote back to say that they should hold Stuart from around 11am until 11.20. Stuart's stripped his style down to bare lines for UFF. Now, theoretically, that should be a harder gig for him -- there's strain and precision in boiling eight lines down to one line that does the same job. It's one of the things that slows Adam Hughes down -- he draws a complete piece and then takes out every line that doesn't do work, which is how he gets those gorgeous crystalline pages. But it's time-consuming. Someone once told me that Terry Dodson gets a similar effect faster by building carefully from the ground up and simply stopping drawing once he's got the essential line down, and I guess Immonen's doing the same thing. Whatever. He must be stopped. He is the reason I'm not being interviewed for a TV documentary about I, ROBOT this week. I'm going to be either typing or sleeping for the next five weeks. I hate you, Stuart Immonen.

He claims Stuart Immonen calls him names over at his LiveJournal, but Stuart seems much too nice to do that. I couldn't find any name-calling, but maybe you'll have better luck.