Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Kick'em When They're Down

CrossGen's financial woes have been well-documented (welcome to the Information Age, Mr. Alessi), to the point that you can even check out a list of their top 20 creditors at Newsarama. I'm not going to kick them while they are down, especially since Warren Ellis has already done it so well on his Bad Signal email list:

Small press guys! Next time Quebecor World demand payment up front for printing your comics, ask them how much credit they extended to CrossGen!

One and a half million fucking dollars!

Next time American Express gets on your back about interest payments, ask them how much credit they extended to a ropey comics company that never had shit in terms of market share despite boasts of targets!

Half a fucking million dollars!

Next time a Weston hotel gives you shit about how you DID TOO eat the nuts in the minibar, ask them how much they let CrossGen put on the tab in San Diego one year!

Sixteen thousand bucks!

Got an employee? Tell 'em from CrossGen -- if CG can get away with not paying Luke Ross sixteen thousand dollars, then they ain't seeing jack shit!

There's hours of fun to be had with this. A pity that all the really rabid CrossGen staffers who used to give me their fanatical shit have... well, been thoroughly cornholed
and lost their jobs, really...


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