Thursday, June 24, 2004

Gail Simone, Love Doctor

Over on Comic Book Resources, Gail Simone has her own forum for talking about upcoming projects, discussing her work with fans and handing out dating advice. One poster, fly on the wall, asks:

I've been dumped before plenty, but it's been a long time since I've been in the dumping business either way.

I did dump one of my girl friends, she got all bent out of shape and there were bad repercussions.

So that's why I want to get a new girlfriend just for the fun of dumping her ass the first chance I get. Like after the second date.

I'm sure that dumping someone and watching their crushed face fall would do oodles for my sexual confidence. You can't have enough sexual confidence.

But I'd have to dump her real fast before she gets the drop on me. Some girls are pretty quick on the draw, especially when it comes to me.

Whoever dumps first wins the relationship. Unless you marry, in which case neither party wins.

Sounds like this guy has issues. Gail responds:

Aha! But the flaw in your logic is assuming there would be a complete first date, let alone a second.

I'm sorry, Fly. I don't see this plan working out.

Good advice, Gail. But keep in mind that her idea of a good comic sex scene involves vegetables.


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