Monday, June 28, 2004

Follow the Logic:

From poster MetalFan at Newsarama, on one of those "Why do people like the Ultimate Universe threads." See if you can follow the logic in MetalFan's post...

"I would like for you guys to post this at the bmb boards and let them know what you think.

I did that yesterday about this and it was shity because those guys like the u line and gave some good reasons why,and some good reason to try it,but i think the way some of you guys do about the u line, and whoever said it's continuity free is saying bs.

post these thoughts of yours at the bmb boards or copy them...just copy them post them and let the good discussion go.

Maybe you can explain to them why you think the u line is crap."

Yup... Nothing makes a day shitty then telling a bunch of people why a "bunch of comics are crap." Only to have them tell you some good reasons why they like it and why you should try it. How dare those bastards do that to MetalFan!



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