Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Costume Envy

Tony Harris, artist of last week's buzzbook Ex Machina, dropped by Talk@Newsarama to answer questions about The Great Machine's "retarded" costume.

In a thread urging people to buy Ex Machina (which, by the way, you should do), poster CountD said "cool book, but his costume looks really retarded."

Harris, posting under the name "OBERGEEK," responded:

The point of his suit is ALL based on realism. Read the book again and there are things that are apparent to that effect. Kremlin tells Mitch he found an old helmet to protect his head, he wears an all leather body suit to protect against road burn if he crashes, and as the series progresses, we deal more with the rocket, the heat it produces etc.... Its issue one guys, give this stuff time to play out before you complain about it.

The point is this: Its utilitarian, not necessarily asthetic. Put together by a guy. Not a superhero, a guy. With stuff he could find. Hes not a seemstress like most heroes would have to be with the costumes they wear.

Also, this is a comic- suspend your belief system to read it. I know we say that we are shooting for a realistic take on things here, but we still have guys with powers flying around in a jet pack. Its easy enough for folks to believe in an alien with red beams shooting out of his eyes that can fly, and you cant recognize him when he wears glasses. C'mon.... besides the fact, I think THE GREAT MACHINES costume is pretty damned cool actually.

Thread starter tralfaz added: "I think Count D is just mad that he doesnt have a costume himself Tony."

Tony also posted a picture of himself taking a break from drawing the upcoming "Avengers Disassemble" Iron Man arc.


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